8 Time and Cost Effective Ways To Boost Employee Well Being 10

8 Time and Cost Effective Ways To Boost Employee Well Being

The success or failure of your company is highly dependent on the employees you have and how effective and efficient they can be. However, in getting the best of productivity from your employees, their overall well-being should be an organization’s priority. With employees facing ever-increasing pressure from all sides, employers can use the tips below to ease the stress that comes with a fast-paced workplace for its employees.

Show your appreciation and care for your employees
Employers carry out several actions subconsciously that affect the positive mental health of their employees. These include the use of magic words like – thank you, I am sorry, you are welcome, and please.

Many of these words can prompt an employee to either do excellently or worse, not forgetting making flexible work arrangements such as leaving early. For employers who haven’t cultivated this habit can learn to do so.

Activities such as checking in on employees to know how they are fairing at work, providing opportunities to learn and grow and most importantly celebrating employees’ successes and correcting in love during losses can help boost the mind of an employee to excel.

Find out from your staff what would improve their well-being at work
Giving your staff the opportunity to express how they feel and what would help improve their well-being is one of the surest means to care for your employees. It could be in the form of an interpersonal and casual chat with top management person, a suggestion box in the office, or a simple survey for your staff to fill.

It is important to make your employees feel heard with bearing genuine interest in lives in mind. The information gotten from the casual chat, survey, or suggestion box can be followed up on and implemented.

Give employees tools to discover their purpose
Having a sense of purpose is key to building a sustainable and happy living for any individual. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, self-actualization, which is the peak of human needs, is the realization of one’s full potential.

Maslow describes this stage as the desire to fulfill everything a person aims to be. Productivity and efficiency are low when employees feel they do not realize these potentials either at work or at home. Learn to have Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) at work for employees to share their specific and individual goals to rub minds on how to achieve those goals. Also, offer employees the services of life coaches and mentors to empower them.

Getting mental health care for workers
A large number of people spend the majority of their waking lives at work. Companies need to recognize this to make the work environment more conducive. Mental health is key, and employers should create safe spaces for employees to open up and communicate their deepest feelings.

The organization can book an appointment with therapists and counselors to provide practical suggestions and solutions to people who are experiencing mental health challenges.

Encourage employees to develop meaningful relationships
Building long-lasting friendships are one of the most fulfilling aspects of our lives. Humans need to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance among peers, employers, colleagues, or social groups. Having a safe place amongst your friends can go a long way to improve performance and productivity.

Social interaction can decrease stress, anxiety, and fear while increasing happiness, belonging, acceptance, and calmness.

Oxytocin gland, when released into the body system, can help calm fear in the body and strengthen communications within the brain that enables you to control emotions. And social interaction helps in boosting oxytocin, which can decrease stress, anxiety, and depression while increasing feelings of happiness and love.

Creating a good work environment such as encouraging teamwork can foster friendship to help improve social well being.

Have a proper flexible break time 
There is a difference between break time and regular lunchtime. However, most organizations do not know this. Working 9 am to 5 pm can be a stressing lifestyle; hence, employees need somewhere to relax and chill during their breaks properly.

Having a place to freshen one’s spirit will certainly make them more productive, especially in the afternoon. Activities such as gaming, watching TV, or even reading books can help relax the mind.

This doesn’t only enhance creativity but eases the mind of employees before getting back to work. Everyone needs a break. For better productivity, it is, advisable that people take constant short breaks, especially in the afternoon.

Give employees some time off
Regularly and continuously give your workers time for vacation or sabbatical leave. Employers fear that this may affect the development of the company. However, keeping such an employee would also not give room for any productivity but brain overload and little contribution or participation at work.

After an employee reaches a specific tenure i.e., worked 3-5 years at a company, he or she should be eligible to take some weeks off. Perhaps go on a personal trip, or academic purpose or even pure leisure.

This idea is to help employees relax and enrich themselves, have new experiences and perspectives, new ideas that can be brought back to the company to enhance growth.

Be concerned about the well being of your employees 
The mind is housed by the body. And the body being the structure needs attention as much as the psychological or mental state of a person. Providing physical therapy, exercise, yoga, or even massage sessions can ease stress. Organizing corporate massage sessions can be an opportunity to brainstorm, bond, or relax, which can give one the peace and solitary needed for better living and good health.

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