There’s nothing like that post-massage feeling when your body is as soft as butter and you feel the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders. You feel like a new person ready to take on life yet once again but it becomes frustrating at some point when…just like a drug the bliss feeling you once had a few hours ago is starting to wear off and you’re back to your old weary body, creaking each time you move. 

Well, you might not be doing things right that’s why the bliss feeling doesn’t last long as it should. 

Here are 6 ways to make sure you can prolong that post-massage feeling and honestly say that you had every penny working for you this time.  


Schedule your next session 

Massage is a necessity nowadays especially with the stress around us which at times becomes unbearable. 

Our body is just like any other machine that needs regular maintenance. Same as the food we take in, or the workout we squeeze in during the week…massage should also be a regular thing. 

Don’t wait until you’re all sore, injured, or burnt out before you decide to book in your next massage. If you truly want to take good care of that body of yours, don’t think twice and book in your next session with your therapist before you step out into the busy world again. 


Fuel your body 

You must be tired of hearing your therapist recommend you to drink up after your massage session. We might sound like a broken record but who actually drinks enough water these days.  

Most resort to their usual coffee, and other caffeinated drinks out there to keep going with their days. Yes, it does the job, keeps you awake and on your toes but it also increases your anxiety levels and sensitivity to your surroundings which is not good after getting a massage right? 

Keep it simple…just plain water after your massage to help with the blood circulation and wash away those lactic build up we just have broken down. 


Postpone your workout. 

Massage is good before a massage if you’re competing for a sporting event since you wanna warm up your body and wake up those muscles so they’re ready to grind when you need them. 

But if you happen to just finish a massage session where your goal was to relax and wind down, please don’t go for a workout straight after. You just wasted your money and both our time by doing this. 

Let your body relax and get your mind into that state of bliss. Let it sink in through the day to allow yourself to just breathe and recover. 


Don’t schedule anything after. 

I’ll admit that is it my pet peeve when a client is all fidgety and rushing to jump out off the table right after a massage. 


Do yourself a favor not to schedule anything after your session or if you have no other choice, allow ample time so you don’t have to stress yourself out. It messes you up right from the get-go. If you are rushing to a meeting or you have to do something important straight after, subconsciously you are thinking about it while having a massage. 

It does nobody any good, you and me both. No matter how good I am in releasing those knots and doing my smooth flowing forearm techniques, I cannot do anything to control what’s up there in your head. 

Both client and therapist have to work together for you to achieve what you came in for. Let your mind relax, so I can do my job and help your body soften up like butter. 


Extend your “me time” at home. 

Most of my clients say the worst part of their massage is when I tap them and say that the massage is over. That means it’s now time for them to go back to reality and stress out about all the things you can imagine. 

Well, you can always extend your “me time” at home by doing simple self-care routines. Nothing fancy, just work out whatever you have at home. 

You can start by having a warm bath or shower, do some body exfoliation while you’re at it. If you’re lucky and you have a tub, pour some wine, read a book or listen to some relaxing music. Forget about everything else for the day and just enjoy the moment and focus on yourself. 


Dress the part. 

After your warm bath, put on those comfy PJs, and just lay in bed. Nourish your senses with a diffuser or scented candle. Sit back, relax, rest. 

Or if you’re like me wherein cooking relaxes me, whip up a nice meal for yourself. Something simple, fewer ingredients and not too messy in the kitchen. Enjoy every bite and pair it with some wine to top it off. 

Watch a feel-good movie while you enjoy your meal or reach out to a friend and catch up for a bit.  


Bottom line, the relaxed feeling you get out of a massage session doesn’t have to end when you get off the table. You have to make a conscious effort to allow yourself to feel that bliss and incorporate it into your everyday life. 




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