10 Essential Self Care Tips for Mums 10

10 Essential Self Care Tips for Mums

The journey to motherhood is often daunting and exciting at the same time as most of my momma clients describe it to me when they go in for their pre or post-natal massages.  

For mums, it is often overwhelming as they go through pregnancy, doesn’t matter if it is their first or 6th time. They see their bodies changing, mood swinging all over the place, and eating habits going through to the roof. 

Trying to know as much information as possible to prepare for the sleepless nights ahead if you’re a new mum can be tedious. Going to baby classes, reading books, videos, listening to the never-ending advice of their momma peers and so on.  

For pro mums, the journey gets easier the 2nd time around as they say given the fact that they’ve learned their lessons the hard way. But we cannot deny the fact that all mums still have the hardest round the clock job ever, juggling taking care of the little one/s and keeping the family home intact. 

But at the end of the day, they often describe it as exciting, challenging and fulfilling all rolled into one when they successfully go through it which most moms do. So salute to all the moms out there! 

Despite all the good things I can salute all the moms out there for, it is a fact most of them often fail in the area of self-care. They are busy being present to everyone else but themselves. The thought of self- care has been shoved down the drain for good and is all but a dream so far away that they’ve given up on it. 

I remember going to a home massage visit for a stay at home mum and I couldn’t believe that the person on my table was the same person I was seeing in the picture frame hanging on one of the living room walls nearby. She has completely transformed, unrecognizable from such a vibrant lad with a big smile on her face to a tired mum who was barely getting by.  

Mums…you are the best in the world but once and for all let’s address the elephant in the room. At some point, your gas will run out and you will never have anything to give. So before it’s too late, do yourself a favor and start taking care of yourself. You will thank yourself for it and you will see the positive changes that will come with it. 

Your mental health will improve, your hormones will be more stable, you’ll have quality sleep, and you will feel really good overall. 

So without further ado…keep an open mind and check out our self-care list below. Oh…we forgot to mention, you need not go out of the house to do these activities. You can all do these with bubba around. 


Pause and Take Deep Breaths 

Time is not always on our side these days even I’m guilty of this and sometimes trapped in the notion that we have to keep working or doing things otherwise the list just gets longer by the day. 

You are a supermom but even superheroes do rest and have a good time too. You have to know that it is perfectly OK to just pause, sit for a while, do nothing than just take deep breaths.  

Let your body catch up so you’re not all over the place. Let yourself regroup so you can do more and be more after that. 

As they say…it’s not how much you accomplish, it’s how effective you do it. 


Sip On Your Favorite Cuppa 

Tea has this calming effect that makes you feel loved and subtly tells you everything is gonna be alright.  

Open that cupboard of yours and let out that tea collection you’ve been stashing all this time. Pair it with your favorite teacup and sip it like a true queen that you are. 

Not a tea fanatic? Wine should be a part of the options too right? Red, white, sparkling…whatever you fancy with just go for it in moderation 


Take a Warm Bath 

Heat that tub up to your desired temperature and sprinkle some Epsom salts. Start soaking those tired feet of yours from standing and running around, bring along your cuppa or glass of wine. 

Take your time while bubba is sleeping. If you have a body scrub…use it to give those feet of yours some well-deserved pampering. Rinse it off after a few minutes and give it some love by massaging the sole and heel of your feet. 

If time permits, it is the best time to include the whole body. Wax those legs and armpits to feel smooth like a baby again…brush off those dry skin to bring that glow you once had before everything went crazy. 


Zone Out 

Read your favorite book, listen to your playlist or go back to the podcast you’ve been following. Put on Netflix and watch even just one episode in your collection of tv series, whichever mode of entertainment that will get you out of thinking about all your responsibilities as a mum…go zone out! 

Some may call it a form of escape but who cares…being in a situation or anything else for too much or too long is not at all healthy. 

We all have to snap out of situations once in a while so our minds can take a break and allow new ideas to come in and inspire us. It can also give you a fresh perspective on things and deal with them effectively. 


Cook Yourself a Nice Meal 

It doesn’t have to be a fancy one. Whatever makes you feel good and requires less time to prepare, then that’s all you need. 

When was the last time you sat down and enjoyed a decent meal? Did it seem like ages ago right? Never underestimate the power of good food…you deserve a good meal after all.  

Those small bites that you take as you feed little bubba won’t be enough to fuel your own body. You only have one body that allows you do all these endless things for everyone, so it only makes sense that you nourish it and take care of it so it doesn’t fail you when you need it the most. 

Remember…you cannot afford to be sick with all the responsibilities on your plate so better eat right and eat well. 


Book in a Mobile Therapist 

No time to go for a pampering session? Why not call in the spa to come to you? With technology nowadays, everything is available in the palm of your hands and a few simple clicks and swipes and voila! 

In as little as 1 hour, a therapist can be knocking on your front door ready to give you the pampering session you need most. 

You can have a hairdresser, beauty, or massage therapist to come and do everything for you. Name it and they will be at your service. Who would have thought that these spa treatments can readily be available for you just like ordering an uber or a cab? 


Have a Nap 

Nothing beats a rested body and mind. 

Do you feel cranky when you don’t get enough sleep? I thought so.  

Sleep plays an essential role in the function of the brain. Sleep can influence your performance, concentration, productivity, and cognition. Being awake for a long period of time can affect your mental state. This can then translate to mood swings and bad decisions. 

We all know as mums, you cannot afford to make mistakes especially ones concerning little bubba. So give yourself a good nap, take turns with your hubby so you don’t deprive yourself of the much-needed rest to recharge your mind and body. 


Soak in the Rays  

If you have a window nearby or better yet a balcony, take advantage of it. Plants need sunlight and so do you. 

Sunlight triggers the growth of a hormone called serotonin. Serotonin is an important chemical and neurotransmitter in the human body. It is believed to help regulate mood and social behavior, appetite and digestion, sleep, memory, and sexual desire and function. 

Sunlight has the ability to heal a few skin related diseases such as psoriasis, acne, eczema etc. 

Vitamin D from the sun-rays contributes to healthy bones. You’ll thank yourself for it when you reach that age that your body is old, frail and osteoporosis is just around the corner. 

Daily 5-15 minutes of exposure to sunlight is enough of us. It is sufficient time for the body to absorb the sun rays and reap benefits from sunlight. 



Journaling can be intimidating and a burden especially for you when your plate is too full. Well, it is just a fancy word after all, and it need not be a long one. 

Writing in your journal allows you to connect with your thoughts. Most times, we think of so many things all at once that it becomes overwhelming and paralyzing. Writing things down allows your brain to breathe and organize itself as you jot them down.  

It helps you get your priorities straight which then helps in achieving small wins in your journey towards your big goals. Becoming a mum doesn’t mean you don’t have dreams of your own, so it is equally important you are winning in your own life as much as you as you are successful in taking care of your family. 

Of course, journaling allows you to record moments and memories that you can go over years down the road as little bubba is growing and you are moving on to being a hands-on parent to tackling other priorities in life like going back to your career or business that you once put on hold. If you’re making a habit of writing down the joys from your week even flicking back a few pages can make you smile and remind you of happy things you may otherwise forget. 


Learn To Meditate 

Mindfulness and meditation have become part of the wellness lifestyle that most people are into nowadays. Some might say it’s just a fad…but taking it seriously can definitely benefit you more than you can imagine. 

Meditating for a few minutes to start with can help you connect with yourself.  You then develop a stronger sense of self as you practice consistently allowing you to reflect and have greater awareness towards your thoughts, feelings, and actions. 

Meditation can help your overall well-being, allowing your body to relax, which in turn naturally release the tension and stress bottled up inside you. With this, you are more likely to stay in a better mood throughout the day. 

Meditation can help improve your attention span. Taking care of little bubba needs your full undivided attention so this is where your practice will come in handy. 


As mums, you need to remind yourself that as much as you want to thin yourself out to love and serve everybody but you, your tank will eventually run out and you will have to refuel. Why wait when you can make it part of your day. 

Carve out time for yourself to make self-care a priority. As a mum, you cannot afford to treat it as a luxury. 

Work on it like anything else, it doesn’t have to be a big thing. Allow yourself to include it in your daily routine until it becomes a habit so you can be more present and effective for your bubba and your whole family. 






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