10 Lies You've Been Told About Massage 10

10 Lies You’ve Been Told About Massage

Massage over the years has become increasingly popular as more and more people succumb to everyday stress of life, work, and family matters.

We all have our own reasons as to why we go for a massage. Often times, majority of us believe that all massages can help us relax after a stressful day at work, aid in recovery and release of toxins from a hard workout, get rid of cellulite and so on.

We’ve all been led to believe of so many things about massage that sometimes we don’t bother checking anymore if the facts have an actual basis.

Here are some surprising myths about massage that you should take note of before you book in your next session.

1. All massages are the same.
Massage is like cooking. No massage session will be equally the same. Your body is ever-changing and reacts to each massage session differently each time. That’s why don’t be surprised if you go to your usual massage place and get a different result at times.

It is also best to remind you that no therapist is the same. Even if they studied the same techniques and modalities, they will perform differently and have a varying effect on you and your body.

2. The effects of massage can only last for a few days.
Massage goes beyond relaxing your body and mind after a few days.

Massage can definitely have a lasting effect on you physically such as when you are experiencing chronic pains as it retrains the muscles’ memory to help reduce pain and stress on the body.

Massage as part of your healthy lifestyle can help you improve your quality of life as massage can help you relax before it gets too much for you to bottle up inside.

3. The harder the more effective the massage is, otherwise it doesn’t have any effect.
I’ve recently had a deep tissue massage and the therapist worked on me really hard ending with me having small bruises the next day, felt more sore and sluggish the next day like somebody punched me to the ground.

Was it more effective? Maybe to some degree…but bruising the next day meant it was just too much for my body to endure.

Yes, we do need to have a firm massage to break up the build-up of fascia, muscles, and tissue that cause us to be stiff.

But a flowing relaxing massage can just be as effective because sometimes…all we need is some R&R and pampering.

4. Pregnant women cannot have a massage.
It is understandable for women to shun from having a massage under 12 weeks as pregnancy can be delicate during the 1st trimester.

But after that, it is highly recommended to have some prenatal massage to assist the body to recover from feeling sore as it adjusts throughout the pregnancy period and from carrying a boatload of weight that the body is not naturally used to.

Lymphatic Massage can also help during pregnancy. It is very common for women to have swollen and heavy legs or swollen hands and arms. The most efficient way to avoid it is to do regular lymphatic drainage with a specialist.

5. Massage can spread cancer cells throughout the body.
As research shows, cancer develops and spreads because of changes to a cell’s DNA and other processes in the body not just from mere movements or circulation in the body.

6. Massage flushes away toxins from the body.
There is no direct medical proof to this. However, as massage helps to increase blood flow…this then promotes healing in the body.

7. Massage can get rid of cellulite.
You can never run away from cellulite because it is hereditary. No amount of massage will magically poof your cellulite and voila, you have your sexy fit body in an instant.

It’s better to see it this way. Consistently working out can help reduce the appearance of cellulite over time. So if you include massage in your workout regimen to help you with stiffness allowing you to be at your A game in every workout, then yes massage can help you get rid of that stubborn cellulite.

8. Massage only works with muscles.
This is what separates a trained therapist from just anyone who can massage you.

Trained therapists should know their anatomy and how the body works which allow them to manipulate not just muscles but help alleviate swollen joints by gently moving stagnant synovial fluid. They can also stretch tightened areas of the fascia, the tissue that connects bones, joints which in turn can help you improve your body’s range of motion.

9. You must always drink water after a massage.
As our parents always reminded us…drink 8 glasses of water every day. Cared to ask why?

Because your body needs to stay hydrated every time. If you have been breathing from your mouth for straight 60 or 90 minutes, of course, your throat will dry up eventually.

That is why your therapist recommends you to drink water or tea after a massage. Nothing more…nothing less.

10.Massage is a luxury and not a necessity.
With all the stress that life’s throwing at us each day, would you opt to spend your hard earned money on booze and smokes which have been proven to cause more harm to your body?

If a regular maintenance massage each month can help you can relax, reset, recharge and be ready to face life’s challenges head-on, would you still consider it a luxury?

Only you can answer that.

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