What is the best massage style for older people? 2

What is the best massage style for older people?

Massage is an alternative therapy to relax one’s body as well as refresh the mind. If done professionally, it has the most beneficial effects on our body.

As far as massage is concerned, there is no age or physical state restriction to it. An experienced massage therapist can recommend and perform appropriate massage techniques as per clients’ needs.

Older people need massage to soothe their sore and aching bodies either from aging or certain ailments associated with their age. Here are the different types of massage that can help older people feel and move better.

Swedish massage: – During this massage, the therapist uses a gentle circular motion, kneading of muscles and gliding strokes to help relieve stiffness and tension in back and shoulder and at the same time boost rate of blood circulation.

Deep tissue massage- Using the forearm and elbow cautiously used to apply gentle yet firm pressure on the muscles, and the slow-flowing strokes can certainly ease off sore back and pain in neck and shoulder. This technique is best to soothe stiff neck and upper as well as the lower back. Deep tissue massage is also good with tightness of muscles in the leg that can cause cramps and discomfort.

Trigger Point Massage: – This method ensures relief to stiff joints and bones. This technique also eliminates deep-rooted tension and pain in muscles.

Shiatsu massage: – An effective combination of Japanese origin massage technique and Chinese medicine enhances blood circulation and production of oxytocin. It enables an unobstructed flow of the body’s energy, thus rejuvenating the person.

Thai massage: – This is Yoga massage, performed by self, and includes simple stretching exercise to get relief from pain and improve flexibility and span of motion.

Pain relief through alternative therapies

We have seen that different styles of massages achieve the same goal – good blood circulation, relief from joint and muscular pain and finally body & mind relaxation. They say that a healthy body and stress-free life are important for the overall well-being of a person.

With proper knowledge of at least some of the massage techniques, one can resort to using self-massage tools and enjoy the luxury of a massage in the comfort of your home. Meditation is a good therapy like massage too. It helps to calm both, body and mind. Besides using different types of oils for massage, an effective way is using hot stones of various sizes that help to relax the muscles and the heat soothes the soreness in the body.

Adequate guidance from a therapist will enable a person to undertake simple massage using self-massage tools.

Just like an athlete or a sportsman, older people too need to recover from exertion and any strenuous physical activity that may have led to a tired mind and body. Massage is very helpful to eliminate those muscle spasms and increase blood circulation and improve the flexibility of muscles and bones.

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