Is massage recommended for breast cancer patients? 10

Is massage recommended for breast cancer patients?

One of the most serious concerns in today’s date is the growing rate of women falling under the clutches of breast cancer; a predominant reason that has led to the rise of this number is the lack of awareness and how even in the 21st century discussing its measures in the open is considered a taboo. However, healthy life being our primary concern, we are here to breakthrough this shallow claustrophobic cell and discuss how regular massage can benefit breast cancer patients.

Extensive studies have been conducted in this field over the years and after analyzing all the reports, we can safely say that women who suffer from breast cancer find respite both emotionally and physically after a massage session. The general benefit of a massage a relaxed mind and body, but with a patient suffering from cancer, the comfort is manifold.

When massage is offered by a skilled and experienced practitioner, the immediate ease is that of reduced anxiety and stress. Developing depression from the lingering anxiety and awaiting the aftermaths of breast cancer can be devastating; and on top of that, the effects of high-power antibiotics make the situation severe. In moments like these, all a patient looks forward to are the phases that work like an interlude amidst the incessant pain.

Regular massage increases urinary dopamine, lymphocytes, serotonin hormones, and NK cell numbers, thereby escalating positive thoughts and making a patient feel better. Additionally, massages that are conducted with the right amount of pressure triggers and enhance the nerve endings of the skin, thus releasing endorphins and gradually controlling the cortisol and adrenaline hormones responsible for hypertension and stress.

Moreover, with each massage session, it has been found that patients develop a stronger immune system because of the increased number of NK cells.
A major study was conducted in 2003 and included 230 breast cancer patients in it who were furnished with a massage session of 45 minutes each week for a month. After assessing the results carefully, therapists confirmed that the patients witnessed lesser pain than before and thereby resorted to fewer doses of painkillers. The following section contains a list of precautions that one must take care of before applying for a massage.

1. Communicate to the masseuse before getting started, and do not opt for massages that involve strong pressure, especially when the patient is going through radiation and chemotherapy.

2.Also, if you are visiting for the massage between your radiation sessions, ensure that it is not conducted over the sensitive areas that are under the treatment’s radar, because these spots of the skin already feel irritated and rubbing it with essential oils can further worsen the condition.

3. If you have been detected with arm lymphedema, a condition that follows or occurs along with breast cancer, the therapist must steer away from these parts completely and move his/her fingers around the periphery with the lightest pressure.

4. Lastly, if your lymph nodes have been removed, the masseuse should take extra care to move her hands around the arm section.

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