Don't Skip These 6 Steps Before Getting A Massage 10

Don’t Skip These 6 Steps Before Getting A Massage

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We’ve all experienced the benefits of massage on different levels regardless if our end goal was either to loosen up tight muscles or just to pamper ourselves. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that you really got your money’s worth for the massage session you just booked.  

As much as massage therapists want to take all the credit for that feeling of satisfaction, clients like you also play a big part in the overall experience believe it or not.  

Starting off on the right foot is equally important as the end result of any massage session. So before heading out for a massage session, keep these simple steps in mind to make sure you get your penny’s worth each time.

1. Book your massage at the right time. 

You might ask, so what’s the best time for a massage? To simply put it, there is no best time to get a massage. It all depends on you as a client and your schedule for your target day.  

But I would highly advise booking in a time where you don’t have to rush to another appointment or meet up after your session. This just ruins the point of you going for a massage to relax and unwind because your mind will just be wandering while you’re on the bed and your body will soon follow.

2. Clean up before your session 

Not everybody will get a chance to have a shower before they go for a massage. But if you do, please take the opportunity to do so. I can never stress enough that as massage therapists, we expect the same standard of personal hygiene as you do with us.  

Coming in with smelly hair, bad breath, stinky armpits, sticky bodies, and awfully smelly feet, you leave us with no choice. We don’t want to cover our noses with one hand while massaging you as we will not do you any good right? 

Perfumes, body sprays, and after-shaves won’t cut it as well as some therapists have sensitive nostrils. 

You can always ask for a wet towel just before your massage to clean up. If your therapist can provide you with a warm towel that would be the best.

3. Take care of your body. 

Having a light snack 2 hours before your massage allows enough time for digestion so you won’t feel hungry during your session. Hydrate as well to make sure you don’t end up having dry throat while on the table.

4. Leave it out the door. 

Whatever it is you’re stressing out, leave it, forget it, don’t even try to think about it while having a massage. No matter how good we are as therapists, in my experience, nothing can relax a boggled mind.  

We cannot control your thoughts, it is only you who can quiet your mind. So do yourself a big favor and shut it even just for an hour. You’ll thank yourself for it. 

5. Be on time, please. 

It is my pet peeve when clients come in late and expect to still enjoy their full treatment time. 

We value your time so we make sure everything is all set before you arrive. You should do the same because we want to give you the best treatment that you paid for. We don’t want you rushing or stressing more than you should and ending up not enjoying your massage. 

Arrive at least 15 minutes before your start time so you can get settled. You might have to sign forms before starting your treatment or you might want to go to the loo and freshen up. This gives you enough time to relax before you even hop on to the table.

6. Build rapport with your therapist. 

As much as it is about you, communicating with your therapist beforehand will go a long way. Small talk such as asking how his/her day has been will be greatly appreciated. 

It is also a great time to inform us about what’s bothering you, how much pressure you want, and if you have allergies or medical concerns you need to put across before starting the treatment.  

Don’t be shy to ask us questions related to massage. The more we know the better we can do our job. If you are not comfortable with anything, speak up. 

Some clients love talking while having a massage, most just want to zone out and relax and that’s completely fine. But at least take a few minutes beforehand to talk to your therapist. 


Massage is up-close and personal, and we want nothing more than to give you the best treatment you deserve and the satisfaction that comes with it. Like anything else, it is always best to set yourself up for success right from the get-go. 


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