How often should I get a massage during my pregnancy? 2

How often should I get a massage during my pregnancy?

Being pregnant is probably one of the best feelings in the world but it is not an easy task. Starting from the earliest week to postpartum, it changes your body and your mind and everything else. It takes a toll on a woman’s body. The new stress, anxiety, aches and the horror of new responsibilities can make anyone feel stressed out and tensed.

Growing a human being inside of you, your body works twice both inside and out. Having swollen legs, ankles, a growing belly with all the changes happening inside your body will make you feel like a guest in your body. But massage can help you cope with all this.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage:

We all know how much massages are useful and how many benefits they have. Massages can relieve various discomforts faced during pregnancy. Such as

1. Reduces anxiety and stress
2. Relieves the effects of muscle tension
3. Helps with depression
4. Improves your health and your baby’s as well
5. Reduces aches and swelling
6. Can help regulate hormones

It can overall make you feel relaxed but now the important question is…how often should you get a massage during your pregnancy?
Every woman’s pregnancy is different and each one requires special attention and care. Only an expert massage therapist with experience and certification should do the massages.

You can get multiple massages throughout your pregnancy and especially after since you won’t be getting enough rest and the activities you have to do that normally your body is not accustomed to. Generally, if you are not suffering from any kind of unusual pain or are not going through any specific treatments then here is a rough guide of how often you should get a massage.

Avoid getting massages during the first three months as it will make you feel dizzy and will add more to your morning sickness.
Start from week 12
Week 16
Week 20
Week 24
Week 25/26
Week 30
Week 35-40+ regularly on weekly basis.

Things to keep in mind:
1. Always go to a specialist for massages.
2. Tell your therapist that you are pregnant so that he/she takes precautionary measures
3. After the fourth month, don’t lie on your back during massage.
4. Do not lie on your stomach either.
5. You will not get a deep tissue massage like you used to but firm pressure is still good, just have the therapist avoid the pressure points that can induce contraction.
6. You can also get a massage at home to avoid the hassle of going to a clinic or a massage place with your heavy belly.

Getting the massage during the last months of your pregnancy is extremely beneficial because at that time, the pain becomes unbearable and expecting mums do not get time to lay down properly or comfortably. After getting the massage you will be able to get better sleep and feel more energized than before.

Growing a human inside you takes hard work, a lot of patience, care and a huge responsibility. So it is best to feel relaxed every now and then. There cannot be a better option to do that than prenatal and postnatal massages. It is way too gentler but consult your doctor first before doing any such thing. The effects of the massage are incredible and it is best to get them regularly.

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