The Ultimate Guide to A Perfect Massage Each Time 10

The Ultimate Guide to A Perfect Massage Each Time

We’ve all experienced it. After a long and stressful week, you decided to book in for a massage to relax and destress. Sadly, it ended up with you feeling more stressed, sore and waking up the next day like with bruises all over. 

Thinking about it, booking a massage sounds like an easy thing to do but how come most people have a hard time finding the one? Actually, I’m one of those people who’ve had massages where I almost walked out because it was really that bad. It took me 3 years to finally find the perfect therapist for myself. 

Well, worry no more coz you don’t have to wait 3 years to find yours. Here’s my ultimate step by step guide to booking the right therapist for you. 

1.Start with your WHY. 

What’s your reason in the first place for booking in a massage? Are you an office warrior who’s been really stressed lately and wanting to have a relaxing experience. Are you a sports buff who needs it as part of your training routine?  

Do you have a chronic pain that really needs a customized treatment? Or do you have a medical condition or injury where your doctor has recommended you to get regular massages to help with the recovery process? 

Before you book in for a massage, make sure you’re clear with what you want to get out of the treatment in the first place. 

2. Do your research. 

There are over 350 different massage modalities out there. That’s a long list, and there are specific modalities that work best with what you need. Once you have an idea as to which modality suits you best, check out if it is offered in your area. If not, try the next best option.  

Call in and see if there is a therapist that has the credentials/experience to do it for you. Ask them if they can recommend anyone or reach out to your friends to see if there is anyone that they can refer to help you out. 

3. Consider your personal preferences. 

Check the logistics, price, policies ambiance, gender preference, insurance rebates, and of course if Mr. Google can tell you of any good or bad reviews about the therapist and the place itself that would be great.  

4. Communicate with your therapist. 

No matter how good the therapist is, don’t assume they know everything and especially what’s wrong with you. Before you start the treatment, let your therapist know if there is any medical condition, injury, or allergy they need to know that might affect the treatment.  

Once the massage starts, let the therapist warm up for a few minutes. They should then ask you about the pressure after a few massage strokes. Tell the truth from the start or forever hold your piece.  

Be vocal about it coz remember…your overall massage experience lies in the hands of your therapist. Don’t be shy to tell them if the pressure is not enough or vice versa if there are specific areas that you want more focus on and also are there parts of your body like your hair or feet that you don’t want to be touched or have oil on. 

5. Listen to your therapist. 

After your massage, it is automatic that they will recommend you to hydrate. It might sound repetitive but it is a must for you as a client to do so to help wash away toxins from your body and you don’t feel sore the next day. 

Follow their post massage advice, if they tell you that you need to be aware of your posture or your need to stretch more, do so. It is for your own good and no one else. 


Now that you are aware of the easy to follow steps to booking your perfect therapist, you should be able to find the one and word of advice…never let them go. If you show loyalty to your therapist, they will certainly give it back by taking care of you every time you book in. 


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