Improve Your Next Run with Massage and Stretching 10

Improve Your Next Run with Massage and Stretching


Winter season is nearing an end and Spring is right around the corner. Time to stow away the skis and take out your trusty pair of running shoes. Getting back on the trail is a good way to kick start running back into your system, especially if you’re planning on joining the Sun-Herald City2Surf, which is the world’s largest fun run happening on August 11th. If you have been away from the trail for a while, be sure to ease back into your routine so you can refrain from incurring any unwanted injuries. A balanced diet to keep you nourished and hydrated, committing to a consistent workout schedule, and of course, knowing when your body needs to recuperate are all crucial to a runner’s safety. 

Here at Mandara, we offer many different kinds of massages, though sports massage is most commonly used by athletes or those who maintain an active lifestyle. Aside from alleviating sore spots and inducing relaxation, getting a sports massage actually has more benefits than you would think. It improves muscle flexibility to widen the range of motion, boosts circulatory system functions, and encourages tissue repair, therefore improving a runner’s overall performance. It can also promote quicker healing when dealing with an injury. 

What is sports massage? 

It is a type of massage where certain techniques are used by the therapist to stretch, knead, and apply pressure to manipulate the body’s soft tissues which are usually overexerted during physically strenuous activities. It is a combination of different modalities specifically designed to alleviate pain, relieve swelling and tension in the muscles, and assist the removal of metabolites or other toxins. Our specialized team of therapists can also identify troubled areas bound by muscle tightness that could potentially lead to injury if left untreated. The goal is to restore your body’s prime condition so you can return to your desired sport in optimal function. 

What are the benefits of sports massage? 

Aside from the physical, there are also many physiological and psychological advantages. Getting a massage can release endorphins, the chemical our brain produces to reduce our perception of pain and stress – this is why you feel relaxed every time you walk out of the studio! It also helps in reducing anxiety and raising the body’s energy levels. Stretching is a good way to cool down after a run; the leg, hip, and lower back are commonly targeted areas. This is best done when the muscles are still warm and full of oxygen. This can help athletes prevent cramps that are caused by low glucose, water, or sodium levels. Our sports massage includes 15 minutes of full-body stretching. 

When is the best time to get one? 

There is much debate on when to consider getting a massage, pre-workout or post? Though both are aimed at improving recovery and performance, knowing when to get one is beneficial to your body and training. Pre-race massages are usually brisk and vigorous which can be done within a week prior to an event. This helps in warming up the major muscles and improves blood circulation to attain better flexibility before going into action. 

While post-race massages are performed slowly with deeper and longer strokes and are usually done within several up to 48 hours after an event. This is more focused on recovery; it can help reduce muscle spasms, metabolic build up, and aims to put the athlete in a relaxed state of mind which is much needed after physical strain. 

A post-run massage best goes hand-in-hand with static stretching, wherein the goal is to increase flexibility and range of motion even while the body is in rest. Sometimes stretching alone can cause injury to sensitive joints, especially when done wrong. Here at Mandara, we have developed a special technique that combines static stretching and massage. Our therapists know exactly where to put pressure and which ways your body needs to stretch. This is useful in maintaining both muscle strength and soft tissue flexibility. We can help you get a deeper stretch and better posture, always with your safety in mind. 

We strive to be wellness purveyors one massage at a time. We would love to be part of your training and recovery all-year round. Consider incorporating sports massages regularly into your routine. Your body is an amazing machine and what better way to show gratitude to it than by investing in self-care. Book a session with us today. 


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