What to do when you're having a hard time reaching your fitness goals 10

What to do when you’re having a hard time reaching your fitness goals


What to do when you’re having a hard time reaching your fitness goals?

“No man is an island”, so the saying goes. Let’s face it, there are instances when we
ourselves lack the motivation to stay fit. Excuses are made, procrastination gets the
best of us, often times we are too tired or just plain lazy to exercise.

When your physical movement reaches a plateau, how do you deal with it? If you are having a hard time achieving
your workout goals, you might have greater chances of maintaining a routine when you
have someone to hold you accountable.

This sounds scary at first if you aren’t used to or are anxious about the idea of sweating in front of other people, but having a workout
partner is fun and offers a few interesting advantages as well.

Working out with someone or in a group lets you share your progress with likeminded
people. Surrounding yourself with those who aspire to reach the same goals is a good
motivator for any kind of endeavor. It would also be advisable to have someone else
with you, especially during outdoor activities, for safety reasons.

A little competition banter wouldn’t hurt and could also improve your performance. Still not sold on the
idea? Think about how constrained you are to meetings, deadlines, long hours in the
office… Finding a workout buddy is also a good way to socialize and expand your

There are lots of ways to choose a workout buddy and it can always be interchangeable
depending on the activity. Having a variety of options can make it easier for you to fit
physical fitness into your hectic schedule.

Here are a few tips to find the right workout buddy for you:

Get a gym trainer. It will be much less intimidating to try out new equipment if you have
guidance from a trained professional. You will be able to learn proper techniques and
create your own routine later on. You will get more and more confident using the
machines and you’ll have a great spotter while doing your reps.

Join a class. Group classes are the best way to meet new people of different sorts.
Crossfit, indoor cycling, yoga, mixed martial arts, to name a few. It’s also a great
experience to diversify your routine and make it more exciting.

Support local communities. Marathons, fun runs, walks, all of these are usually
organized for good causes. There is movement in numbers. Not only are you getting fit
and contributing to the community, but you are also gaining new friends while doing so!

Team sports. Ask your boss if you can take a fun company outing to instill physical
activity and camaraderie onto the team. Get to know your co-workers outside of the
office. Who knows? Come next Monday, you might actually have more to bond over in
the break room other than presentations and meeting minutes.

Whichever kind of partner you choose, make sure you are comfortable working out with
them. The purpose of having the buddy system is to motivate and keep you guided, not
the other way around. Aside from sharing enthusiastic workouts, it would be beneficial
for you and your buddy to have the same recovery track. This means you need to keep
each other in check when it comes to eating habits, water intake, and resting periods.

After exercising, what do you usually engage in to recuperate? Fancy grabbing a snack
or post-gym coffee? A quick cool down at the spa? It’s always important to let your body
rest so you feel recharged for your next workout.

Mandara offers a wide range of services to help you stretch and restore those sore muscles to get you back in tip-top
shape and ready to face your next workout session. Get in touch with us today.

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