What No One Will Tell You About Mental Health... Here's Why 10

What No One Will Tell You About Mental Health… Here’s Why

We are towards the end of the year once again and while everybody is gearing up for Christmas season, this month we also celebrate Liptember where we raise awareness to women’s mental health.

There are times when you need to visit the hospitals and speak to a doctor about your health. You may also get drug prescriptions. But there are other times when you need to abstain from or eat certain foods to improve your health. But what happens when you feel sick but test results show that you’re perfectly alright? What happens when you have that nasty headache that wouldn’t go away no matter the drug you take?

Well, I tell you, it may be time to check your mental state! Stress, anxiety, and depression are all factors that can lead to a mental breakdown.
Once you’re psychologically down, it affects every other thing, including your physical health.

On the contrary, your mental well-being can almost guarantee your sound health. We are faced with life struggles and challenges every day, and most times, we’re so caught up with them that we fail to do one essential thing – TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES! “Oh, I need to take that second job to get the extra cash”. “I actually don’t feel strong, but I have to cook, I have no choice”.

These are the kind of lives most of us live, and I totally get it, after all, we need to pay bills, right? We also need to be good spouses, great. But I ask, what if something happened to you today, what do you think will happen? Life will go on! Nobody is indispensable. Once you realize this, you’ll understand the importance of taking care of yourself.

Self-care is a subject that has been covered with controversy a lot of times. Some people even believe it’s a selfish act. “She failed to pick up my calls just because she was at the spa, what a selfish lady!” so then I ask, is self-care a selfish act? I would think not, and below I’ll tell you why.

Why Taking Care of Yourself Is Self-Love and Not Being Selfish

Like we already established, a lot of things could go wrong when you’re mentally down. You’ll not be relaxed, and that could make you edgy and cranky. In that state of mind, you won’t be able to get any work done; it becomes almost impossible to do anything right.

If we should put it bluntly, you’ll be of no good use to anyone, including yourself! With a relaxed mind and calm nerves, you’ll be the best of you, and everything flows. Below are some other reasons why self-care is vital and not selfish, as some may think.

It Guarantees a Better and Healthier You

Health is paramount, isn’t it? A healthy diet, proper exercise, and sleep all improve your health, and so should be taken seriously. Your efficiency, agility, and sharpness are all better when you’re in sound health.

You Can Only Take Care of Others When You’re Mentally Sound

Women, in particular, go through a lot of stress. From difficult marriages to taking care of the children, all these can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. While you feel obligated to perform these tasks and go through the stress, you need to remember that your sanity matters.

If you don’t pause to take care of yourself first, you’ll likely break down, and everything becomes much more complicated!

Self-Care Gives You the Strength to Carry On

You do feel much better after that massage therapy and meditation, don’t you? Well, that’s the real essence of taking care of yourself; it helps you feel better and be a better caregiver.
Everyone around you will get better service from you when you’re relaxed and calm. The frustrated and angry version of you will not add any real value to anyone, not even your children.

It Reminds You of Your Self-Worth

Many women have gone through a lot of mental stress to the point where they place no value on themselves anymore. They have zero self-confidence and have become less enthusiastic about so many things.
When you find yourself in this mental state, you could be susceptible to suicidal thoughts. It is time to get your sanity back and remind yourself of who you are, and the value in life itself.

How Do I Care for Myself?
Now that you understand the importance of self-care let’s look at some ways you can achieve that.

Get a Massage
You can never over-emphasize the importance of a massage as its benefits are endless. A simple massage can soothe your mind and muscles while improving your sleep quality and reducing stress.

When you indulge in a massage, that feeling of deep relaxation is inevitable. Therapists explain that massage prompts the release of brain chemicals (endorphins) that produce a relaxed mood.
The therapy also reduces levels of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenalin. High levels of these hormones can affect the immune system. Research shows that massage therapy could be very useful for pain management.

Regular Exercise
Keeping fit is another important way to take good care of yourself, both mentally and physically. It helps your body to function very well while boosting your general immune. Regular exercising has a way of reducing stress and anxiety.

This helps your mind to relax better, thereby inducing good sleeping habits. It helps you physically, too by building your muscles and bones. And come to think of it, you’ll look great too!

Try and Get Good Sleep
When you form a bad sleeping habit, it could quickly disorganize your routine. Needless to say, it’ll also affect your efficiency. Lack of sleep affects your state of mind and that it becomes difficult to handle stress.
You need good sleep to feel fresh and efficient, lack of it gives you headaches and decreases your output. It may also lead to some more severe health conditions, so ensure that you get a good sleep daily, at least 7 to 8 hours.

Meditation gives you a feeling of peace and calmness, which naturally helps with anxiety, depression, blood pressure, and some other chronic diseases. You could try deep breathing or visualization. It helps you to relieve stress and maintain psychological, mental and emotional stability.


Take out Time to Relax
The essence of weekends is to take time off work and unwind; it is not for work extension. I know you have those deadlines to beat and the deals to close, but hey, you’ll work better if you relax your mind and brain. Do things you love and enjoy, read books, watch movies or go on a weekend getaway. Avoid any distraction while doing this.


Eat Well and Right
Eat food with the right nutrients, not just because you crave them, but because your body needs them. Fresh fruits and vegetables are essential in this regard. Also, remember to drink enough water to stay hydrated at all times. Eating healthy foods and good water therapy improves your health and keeps you fit and agile.

For you to be able to love or care for someone else, you need to be able to look after yourself first. The above tips and information will serve as a good guide for you.
Taking care of yourself is the only way you get the best version of you which in turn will benefit every other person around you. It is not selfish; it is actually selfless! Show yourself some love and care today; you can start it by booking a relaxing massage with us!

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