How Massage Can Help with Your Back Pain...Everything You Need To Know 10

How Massage Can Help with Your Back Pain…Everything You Need To Know

Back pain is a condition that is not new to many, as research has shown that over 80% of adults suffer from it. It is difficult to avoid back pain since a lot of unavoidable circumstances can lead to it. Sitting in a particular position for a long time could compress your lower spine and trigger back pain.

Strains or injuries caused by heavy lifting or accidents could all be triggers as well. There are other times that it crops up due to some medical conditions. Osteoporosis, arthritis, and other spinal problems are good examples. Other risk factors could include pregnancy, weight gain, or pre-existing mental health disorders.

The fact that this problem is a common one doesn’t in any way make it desirable. The pain can keep you so uncomfortable and also makes it impossible for you to operate normally. The question becomes, how do we get rid of it?

Research suggests that medications do not give permanent relief. As a result, people now seek alternative and yet practical options. Massage looks to be leading the line in that regard. The general belief is that it does a better job than the routine medication.

What is a massage? And how does it work?
Massage is a therapy that involves the use of hands, fingers, or elbows to manipulate soft tissues in the body to relieve body stress or pain. It usually involves the masseur or masseuse rubbing and stroking the muscles to increase blood flow in the entire body.

Also, it delivers oxygen and the right nutrients to the muscles. This helps to remove accumulated waste products or acids. The entire process brings a general feeling of relief and relaxation.

Does massage relieve back pain?
Dr. Kenny Ng, a member of the Australian Association of Massage Therapy, researched the effectiveness of massage therapy. The result showed that indeed, massage therapy is effective in managing chronic low back pain, anxiety, stress, and relaxation.

A study revealed that after receiving a set of 10 massages weekly, 75% of sufferers experienced improvement in their back pain. Another study showed that as little as one hour of massage for ten weeks could relieve back pain significantly.

With the above, we can say that massage does relieve back pain. The next step is to find out exactly how it does that.

How massage can help your back pain
Different types of massage can help relieve your back pain. Below we shall examine precisely how they do that.

Swedish massage
This is one of the most popular types of massage. It involves mild stroking in one direction while applying pressure on the other. Usually, it lasts between 60 to 90 minutes.
How it helps your back pain
Using essential oils, it applies gentle pressure to your aching back, releasing the tension in the muscle around the affected area, thereby relieving the pain.

Deep tissue massage 
This is best for chronic muscle tension which could come from soreness or injury. It uses slower rhythmical strokes and more direct pressure and friction. Also, it lasts between 60 to 90 minutes, and may not be suitable for people that are very sensitive to pressure.
How it helps your back pain
This technique applies deep pressure, which goes into the muscles and bone to release tight muscles or scar tissue responsible for your back pain.

Hot stone massage 
This is similar to the Swedish massage only that it involves the use of heated stones. It improves blood flow and eases muscle tension and can last up to 90 minutes.
How it helps your back pain
Here, the therapist usually places the stones on problem areas. The warmth they produce helps to release tension from the muscles and remove the pain. It is effective because the heat helps the therapist to reach the deeper muscle layers.

Sports massage
This usually works for people that experience recurrent muscle injuries. Sportsmen and women are the most susceptible to this. The massage also does preventive work by helping to avert these injuries. The duration is between 60 to 90 minutes.
How it helps your back pain
Sports massage combines techniques like effleurage to release muscle tension or spasm in your back area. It also increases blood flow and eliminates toxins through lymphatic drainage. This also removes pain and improves flexibility.

Trigger point massage
Here you apply pressure on trigger points while gently stretching the muscle to release tension. The therapist also usually sprays a cooling agent on the skin while doing this. It lasts about an hour or one and a half hours.
How it helps your back pain
It applies sustained pressure on areas of pain with the use of elbows, knuckles, or fingers. The process helps to return blood and oxygen flow to the area and also relaxes muscle spasms.

Shiatsu massage
Shiatsu is a Japanese kind of massage that is based on acupressure. It helps to relieve stress, pain, headache, and helpyou relax. This therapy usually lasts between 60 to 90 minutes.
How it helps your back pain
A therapist will apply finger pressure on your muscle to heal internal back pain. The use of acupressure points in the strained muscles also releases blocked energy which in turn relieves pain.

Each of these types of massage in one way or the other relieves back pain. However, it is essential to know the one that is best suited for your condition before going ahead.

In conclusion…
The projections made by the World Health Organization (WHO) suggest that in the coming years, the need for massage therapy could increase significantly. Also, from findings, it is safe to say that massage therapy is safe and effective for back pains. It means massage therapy could be the right step in the right direction to avoid suffering from the agony of back pain problems.

But it is vital to first consult your doctor before going on with this therapy. This is because there may be contraindications for it. A reliable diagnosis to ascertain the cause of back pain is also important. It will help to rule out the possibility of more serious medical conditions.

Most importantly, you must work with qualified and proven massage therapists for the best results. The massage therapy is meant to relieve you from pain and tension. If you work with the wrong therapist, you’ll get the exact opposite of that! Get it right today and free yourself from that nagging back pain. There are also special office, home, and corporate massage services available to you. You can find them here.

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