How Massage Can Help Bust Seasonal Allergies 10

How Massage Can Help Bust Seasonal Allergies

As the temperature rises and everything starts to blossom, those afflicted with allergies start a long battle against sinus pain, itchy eyes, and nasal congestion – and that is simply the beginning of the long list of diseases affecting people with allergies during the spring seasons.

According to statistics, about 4.1 million Australians battle the seasonal allergic disease. An allergy that occurs in a specific season is generally known as hay fever. It happens when your body’s defense mechanism system reacts to an outdoor allergen like pollen – most allergens are from wind-pollinated plants.

Causes of seasonal allergies

Basically, allergies become apparent in several ways – from nasal congestion and sore throat to urticaria and itchiness. They occur when your immune system feels threatened by a specific environmental substance. As a result, your immune system will react correspondingly by releasing Immunoglobulin antibodies to ward off the observed offender. The release of these antibodies tells the body to produce chemicals like histamines, which causes an allergic reaction.


Some springtime allergies are caused by trees. Birch is a common cause of allergies in the northern latitudes, where several people suffering from hay fever react to the pollen. Other trees responsible for allergies in Australia include alder, cedar, horse chestnut, poplar, and willow.

During winter, some outdoor allergens are inert. Consequently, winter brings relief to a lot of individuals with hay fever. However, it means most people stay indoors often. If you are susceptible to seasonal allergies, you will react to indoor allergens like pet dander, mold, cockroaches, and dust mites.


Symptoms of seasonal allergies

Seasonal allergies range from moderate symptoms to severe symptoms. They include:
Stuffy or a runny nose
Itchy and watery eyes
Ear congestion
Throat or itchy sinuses
Postnasal drainage
Less basic symptoms include:
Shortness of breath
A headache


Treating seasonal allergies

The best treatment for allergic rhinitis and hay fever is to avoid allergens that cause the symptoms.
While you can ease the symptoms through the use of allergy medication, a therapeutic massage is also and an effective, all-natural treatment for relieving allergies.


Why massage?

It is an effective natural remedy for relieving asthma and the symptoms of allergies. For centuries, Traditional Chinese medicine has used massage therapy to fight seasonal allergies. Also, a medical research has indicated that massage therapy has a substantial positive effect on patients suffering from seasonal allergies.
Depending on the symptoms of your allergies, ensure you choose the best type of massage to ease your discomfort.

There are different massages techniques that can help relieve allergy symptoms, reduce cortisol levels and boost the immune system.

Lymph Drainage massage (Feet)
There are spots on your feet that focus on drainage. To stimulate the spot, use the knuckle of your index finger and apply pressure to the lower end of the “V” space between your first two toes. Rub down towards the toes. Again, raise the finger and reposition it at the space again. Repeat the process 30 times.

The Valley of Harmony (hands)
Stimulating the hands relieves headaches, sore throat, sinus pain, and headaches. With your index finger, apply pressure to the other hand, particularly the V space between your index finger and thumb. You will feel a mild discomfort when applying pressure on the right spot. Hold for 2 minutes before switching hands.

Wind Mansion (neck)
To ease head congestion, massage the lower end of the occiput on each side of the C1 vertebrae. Massage in a circular and clockwise manner until you feel relief.

Can essential oils help?
Essential oils are used along with massage to create a long-lasting pain relief effect. A massage therapist will recommend the best essential oils (eucalyptus or peppermint) that you can apply to congested nasal areas. These oils boost energy and help relieve allergy symptoms.

The Benefits of these massage techniques

To ease sneezing

To relieve coughing and sneezing, consider getting a massage to help enhance lymphatic drainage and circulation through the body. A lymphatic drainage massage is particularly effective in relieving nasal congestion (a distressing allergy symptom).Importantly, allergy sufferers may find comfort with a massage that concentrates on lymph nodes in the face and neck. Furthermore, some specific facial massages can help decongest sinuses.

To alleviate headaches

It is no news that massage helps improves the circulation of blood. When there is good blood circulation, it helps relieve migraines, headaches, rhinitis, and sinus.
A Lymphatic drainage massage can help boost the circulation fluids (lymph) in the body. The massage technique helps empty the sinus cavity and help you recover fully. Ask your massage therapist!

To ease stress

Stress triggers allergies and also worsen the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Massages stimulate the release of hormones that help calm the body and decrease body tension.
If you are battling allergies, make sure you avoid sports and deep tissue massage, which are the appropriate choices for relieving muscle pain. Additionally, sleep and Swedish massage will help prevent insomnia, which causes stress.

The bottom line

Massage offers several health benefits, including allergy relief. As a result, it is best to schedule an appointment with a massage therapist if you are suffering from a seasonal allergy.
Basically, massage does not cause any discomfort and needs less frequent medication. What you get is a relaxed feeling, lowered stress hormone, loosened muscles, and a good night sleep.


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