Best Christmas Party Idea That Everybody Will Love 2

Best Christmas Party Idea That Everybody Will Love

One of the most cheerful time of the year is Christmas. One simple reason is that it turns that dragging end of the year feeling into a full-on happy vibe. Secondly, the reason why everyone loves Christmas is that it is that time of the year that people can finally wind down and relax a bit from work. We always look forward to December as it also means that New Year is coming and it is something to look forward to. Either you want to turn in a new leaf or just continue with all the great things that have been happening for you this past year.

Almost everyone loves Christmas, but one thing that we forget is keeping up with that healthy lifestyle. Because of the holiday season, we start indulging in sweets and since it’s a busy time of the year,  then we also forget about our diets and exercise, basically our overall wellness. All of a sudden, your summer body is thrown out of the window. Now you will suddenly see dry skin, carb- tastic bulges here and there.

Every year, Christmas parties are consist of the usual get together, eating, drinking and being merry. So, why not this year we shift the focus towards wellness but still have fun? Yes this is possible. The best way to do this is to organize a spa-themed Christmas party. Your friends will enjoy it, moreover, it will be something uncongenial, so everyone is going to be in awe of it. Along with the spa, you can offer them treats that are nutritional and in gifts, you can hand everyone something that will enhance their well-being like creams, body butter, and even aromatherapy based candles. Something that will support a healthy lifestyle is the best gift option if exchanging gifts are part of the party.

So how do you organize a spa-themed Christmas party? Here are 5 simple easy steps that you can follow to a relaxed but still merry Christmas celebration this holiday season.

Know your guests
You need to start with your guests. How many are you expecting? Which venue can fit everyone and should be accessible for the majority. Consider parking as well. Know the dietary restrictions of your guests. Then when you’ve narrowed all these down, then you can start planning the activities that will liven the party. Make sure to organize a variety of programs that will cater to your guests so there is no downtime and everybody can enjoy from start to end.

Send invites
You can invite them by customizing the invitations as spa themed cards, or you can make it look like a gift voucher. Find decorations that give a feel of spa stations like, candles incense sticks etc. look for the decorations that are in soft colors. In the invitation cards, use words like relaxing, pampering, an evening of unwinding. This will surely catch everybody’s attention and create the buzz, hopefully getting as many people to come and enjoy the event.

Plan out the healthy menu
Now let’s discuss the food part. From appetizers to mains, desserts and drinks, the holiday meal may be the biggest (and longest) of the entire year. Being surrounded by food 24/7 throughout the holiday season, there’s no question that you’ll be tempted to reach for anything and everything that you lay your eyes on. Healthy Christmas appetizers and party food ideas for the holidays can still be yummy and definitely aren’t a complete bust! The internet has a long list of healthy, mouth-watering healthy appetizers and party foods that are sure to make your tastebuds sing without that post-holiday guilt factor.

Organize pamper stations
Now it is time to put together the highlight of the event.  You can hire massage and beauty therapists, nail artists, barbers, and hairdressers so that your friends can get their facials done, massages to relax those aching muscles, barbers and hairdressers if they are up for a trim,  and mani/pedi to complete the pampering experience.

Christmas gifts
For Christmas parting gifts, instead of the usual wine and cheese baskets or novelty items, why not take this chance to send them off with some wellness gift packages that they can definitely use and enjoy at home to encourage them to do some R&R. Massage vouchers always tops the list as it is easy to organize and everybody is grateful to receive it.

So here you go, organizing a Christmas party shouldn’t be daunting and stressful. Try a spa-themed party, you’ll be surprised how easy and enjoyable this can be for your guests.

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