What's the difference between deep tissue massage and sports massage? 2

What’s the difference between deep tissue massage and sports massage?

Massage is one of the best things to have when you are want to relax your body from stress or if you’ve just done a heavy workout or competition. It makes you feel calm and let out your anxiety and tensions flow out. Most of us don’t know that there are different types of massage and are aware of massage in general. But to let you know, some of the different types of massage are:

But in this blog, we will not talk about all the types of massage but focus on the similarity and/or difference between sports and deep-tissue massage.

Going by its name, a deep-tissue massage is given by putting pressure on the deeper tissues of the body. When the massage begins, the pressure is put firmly but it eventually increases during the process. Sometimes it can a bit painful because the pressure is to be given on the tissues of your every body part but it still remains bearable.

This type of massage is given when one wants to get rid of their knots, tension, and stiffness in the body. It allows the blood to flow to all your muscles to provide them the sufficient amount of oxygen. The oxygen in your muscles allows the speedy recovery.

The focus of the therapist in this type of massage remains on releasing knots. Sometimes they spend much time on the treatment on a specific area instead of your whole body to release the tightness and boost the blood circulation. Most of your tough knots occur in the upper back around your shoulder blades.

The other type of massage focuses mostly on healing minor and chronic injuries. The sports massage can also be given to improve your body posture. It includes the active and passive stretching to realign and to loosen up the muscle fibers. The main aim of this massage is to release the tightness from the muscle and allow for an improved range of motion.

The relaxed muscles around the joints help in increasing the joint’s range of motion. Though most of the time this type of massage is done smoothly, it can sometimes be a very little painful depending on your issue.

When required, the therapist can use wax or oil during your massage. They have full knowledge about the human body so the treatment will be more specific either to your injury or sports movements. This massage is given to prevent or improve one’s sports injuries. It is advised to go for this massage before any sports event as it makes the body flexible which reduces the chances of injuries during the game.

Hopefully, the information above helps everyone make an informed decision as to which massage treatment to go on their next massage visit. Now you can decide easily which one you should go for according to your need. Both massages help you to relax mentally as well. So, if you are getting a massage to get mentally relaxed only, you can go for either one. Also, one can keep self-massage tools for the times they can’t go for massage. These are equally relaxing too.

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