5 Massage Questions Men Should Not Ask Their Therapist 2

5 Massage Questions Men Should Not Ask Their Therapist

The idea of getting a regular massage excites most people. Living busy lives and hectic schedules, it is highly recommended to get a massage at regular intervals as it helps us to improve our mood, energy, and productivity. Despite the growing popularity of massage services nowadays, people still have a misconception about the service as something that could go farther than merely just having a great massage with the goal of feeling better.

When you book in for a massage and feel comfortable and relaxed around your massage therapists, there is still a fine line you shouldn’t cross. In saying that, here are the top 5 questions that men should avoid asking their therapist if you don’t want to be booted out of the massage room.

1. Can I get someone from my family to the sessions so they can see how to do it at home?

This question might indicate that you like the massage you are getting and also the results are good but you are not at all interested in spending money on them and can get it done at your home by your parents, spouse or friends. Though you can learn the tricks, they have spent months to learn it properly and heal the patients completely. You won’t be able to get the same results for deep tissue massage or sports massage or any other type of massage at home with half knowledge.

2. Why do you charge? There are others who are charging less than you.

Every work we do takes efforts and energy and by asking this question you clearly want to say that the work they are doing is not worthy of spending so much money. This will also indicate your behavior of getting good and effective services without having the intention of spending the money the masseur deserves. The massage takes a lot of physical efforts and it is not easy to spend most of your day doing it and exhausting yourself completely. They should get what they deserve. So, don’t ask them this question to disrespect their profession.

3. How’s your personal life going? Are you married? Do you have kids?

Men should avoid asking their massage therapists about their personal life. Questions about their married life, home, kids, family or some similar questions can offend them as they might not be interested in sharing their personal life with their patients. Just to pass your time during the sessions don’t ask them such questions especially if you and your therapist are of opposite genders. In any case, it is not necessary that the therapists would want to talk about their personal life with some stranger.

4. Can I ask you out for a coffee or dinner some time?

Your therapist gets it… you’ve been comfortable with her and feel that you can be friends outside. But that doesn’t mean you can cross the line and ask her out outside the professional setting of a massage place or clinic. It is always best to keep things professional with your therapist to keep the client-therapist relationship healthy and smooth flowing. The world is already complicated, don’t add on to it anymore.

5. Do you do “extra” service?

Believe it or not, this is a common question massage therapists get especially from male clients. Most men, not all, of course, will always try their luck and see if they can get their way. It might be a usual occurrence in massage places somewhere in the world but it is not appropriate to think that a massage therapist/masseuse is the same person that will give you the sexual pressure you are looking for. This is most probably the most ridiculous question that most massage therapists get annoyed with. So men, if you are thinking about it…go somewhere else and don’t even try.

These are a few questions that men should avoid asking their massage therapists and especially if their therapist is a female as they might get the wrong vibes from you which you wouldn’t want if you have the right intentions. These questions can make them feel disrespected and also you might sound immature. Every professional deserves respect and there should be a limit in conversations because you are a stranger and you don’t know each other’s behavior.

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