Simple Yet Important Ways to Take Care of Yourself 10

Simple Yet Important Ways to Take Care of Yourself

How Much Do You Take Care of Yourself

Women of today have a lot on their plate especially, younger women who are trying to build their career. Balancing a career with their personal lives – raising or maintaining a family – becomes overwhelming with obligations and responsibilities. As a woman, you take on many roles – wife, mother and work – these roles makes it hard for you to focus on yourself.
All these take a toll on women and leave them not caring about themselves without realizing.

As a single working professional, a busy schedule may make you forget to take care of yourself. Also, a married woman juggles work and family and forgets to think about herself too. Certainly, your body is a vessel and how you care for it determines how well and how long it will serve you. It is your duty to take care of yourself, admit it or not.

Most people want to live a hundred years but, do not take care of themselves as they should; given the long list of things they still wanna do too. Obviously, neglecting self-care poses a great consequence for your body, mind, profession, and family.

Some of the ways you fail to take care of yourself include:

Getting up early every day to go to work or prepare your kids for school is stressful and demanding. Aside from taking your kids to school and working, you have to be a wife to your husband while remaining productive at work. Evidently, this is challenging and makes you forget to take care of yourself when you need to.

Not eating well
Spending time at work and multitasking at home as a woman makes you forget to eat well. As a working-class woman, you need a lot of energy, less caffeine and a good amount of vegetables. However, most women of ages 27 to 40 fail to eat well and stay healthy for the good of their body.

Skipping breakfast most morning or always
Your body needs enough energy to get you through the morning – no time? Yes, but you can take a bowl of oatmeal or apple with pea butter for the energy boost your body needs.

Resting less than required
Having put your body through enough stress during the day, there is no need to work into the night when you should sleep. Truly, you care about yourself – your body – and would not want to break down and miss work or caring for your children. At your age – 27 to 40, your body requires at least seven hours of sleep and naps at intervals if you can.

Probably, every day you struggle to do your job, take care of your kids, do house chores and maintain your relationship. At this rate, it gets to a point when you find it hard to go to bed on time or even rest. Undoubtedly, as a mother it’s your job to care for the kids and do the house chores, but, never forget you have a loving husband willing to help when you ask.

Moreover, not fitting rest into your schedule might affect the amount of rest you get after much work. Remember, when you don’t get enough rest, it leads to stress which has health consequences – anxiety, depression, and infertility.

Not exercising enough daily
When was the last time you exercised? Daily workout or walk will make you feel better, perform better, and stay happy all day. Granted, you must not go to the gym; a walk around your neighborhood will get up your heart rate and keep your body fit. Working out daily is a must if you want to get to work all year round in good health.
Exercise keeps your blood flowing regularly and maintains good health; not exercising at all isn’t good for you.

Ways to take care of yourself

Let me guess, you are probably asking ‘how can I have a busy schedule and still have time for myself’? Well, you might have forgotten how to care for yourself but, it’s easy to re-learn how to take care of yourself and remain productive. First, you are a woman – the weaker vessel most people erroneously assume – but, you are stronger than a man.
Second, as a woman, you can multitask comfortably without affecting any part of your work or family.

The secret to taking care of yourself is placing self-care into your busy schedule. Take advantage of your gifts and be creative with your busy schedule. Taking care of yourself begins when you realize you don’t take care of yourself enough and making it your responsibility.

No doubt, by now you have an idea of how you have failed in the task of taking care of yourself. Below are productive activities and life changes that improve your health, reduce stress, keep you happy and empowers you.

Ask for help
This might not sound important, but, we all need help. It’s quite understandable that as a career woman you might not trust other people to do a quality job when you ask them to. For your self-care, learn to identify when you have too much work to do and ask for help, you never know who is willing to help until you ask. Definitely, you should apply this thought at work and at home – for moms. Never hesitate to ask your husband to help with the kids once in a while so you can work out or arrange breakfast.

Improving your self-awareness, helps you figure out what your body really needs and creates a strong connection with your inner self. By meditating, you tap into your intuition and know to what your inner self-needs. Evidently, successful people recommend meditation as a daily routine. Embrace the peace that nature brings and forget about work or your mortgage and just relax.

Get a massage
Women always put other people’s needs before their own. How about getting a massage and relieving that ache in your back? Don’t think about the cost but, what you stand to gain. Why not book in an in home massage in your most convenient time and day? Ask your husband or boyfriend to give you a good massage – so cost isn’t an issue. Treat yourself with a massage to enjoy its endless empowering benefits; You deserve it.• Improve sleep
• Improves your immune system
• Relief stress, depression, and anxiety
• Improve blood circulation
• Awakens your senses and empowers you.

Like meditation, massage relieves the stress and opens the door to your inner self, it’s a great way to take care of yourself and become empowered. A woman with a strong connection with her inner self-understands her needs and is far more productive than one that isn’t. Which of these women will you be today?
An empowered woman who takes care of herself or one that keeps going without stopping to replenish her strength? I believe you would rather be empowered.

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