2 of the Best Things in Life You're Probably Taking for Granted 10

2 of the Best Things in Life You’re Probably Taking for Granted

When was the last time you slept for eight hours straight, uninterrupted? To stay healthy and happy as an adult, you need at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. If you cannot enjoy uninterrupted sleep, it affects your cognitive functions and leads to depression. Lack of sleep or waking at intervals affects your body and your happiness level.

However, if you have trouble staying or falling asleep, it might be due to anxiety and stress. Have you tried massage? It is a great way to relax, connect with your mind and body, and renew your body.


Stress is universal and very common when there is no relief for stress; fight-or-flight response accumulates and causes problems. Stress relief is one of the benefits of massage and a key component of a healthy life. Your priority is to take care of your body, maintain your health, revitalize your mind and stay happy.

Massage is an ancient practice, an art that works on the body with pressure by kneading and rubbing the body with the hands. Receiving massage is good for your mind, body, and soul, it’s an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but we don’t do it often. Most people take massage as a treat, something that takes time and costs too much money.

Massage is deeply relaxing and, some people fall into blissful sleep during their session. Massage affects the mind and body, the need for touch relates back to our childhood.

Gradually we lose the instinct to stroke, hug and connect as we become concerned of inappropriate touch. Now, this is important, know that you can enjoy a great massage at home, from your friends and family or a self-massage.

In the course of a massage, a strong or gentle pressure is applied to joints, muscles, neck, and feet to ease tension, pain and rejuvenate the body. Massage techniques are applied with the finger, forearm, elbows, knees, feet or using a device.

The benefits of massage are numerous; massage is helpful for:

• Digestive disorder
• Headaches
• Boost immune system
• Increase circulation
• Release happy hormones
• Insomnia related to stress
• Anxiety
• Sport injuries
• Myofascial pain syndrome and
• Happiness.

How massage works

During the massage, the touch and pressure on your body cause changes in your body through:
• Relaxation response – involuntary and predictable response of the nervous system to touch and massage techniques
• Mechanical response –physical effects in your body when pressure is applied to soft tissues.


Relaxation response

Massage provides a safe and caring touch, an invitation to relax and relieve pain which gives a relaxation response. In the relaxation response state, your heart and breathing rate slows down, blood pressure drops, muscles relax and stress hormone decrease. Also, the level of serotonin (a body chemical that affects thought and emotions positively) increases.
However, relaxation response may reduce the physical effect of stress and its risks, such as anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, and fatigue.


Mechanical response

The two main physical effects of physical manipulations in massage include:
• Increase in lymph circulation and blood
• Normalization and relaxation of soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues), to release deeper connective tissues and the nerves.


How massage affects sleep

Assuredly, massage is one of the natural ways to sleep better and fight insomnia. So, what is the secret? How can massage help you enjoy a fulfilling sleep? Low levels of serotonin lead to depression and destabilize your sleep cycle. Conversely, increasing the level of serotonin stabilizes your sleep cycle and helps you sleep better.
Massage increases the level of serotonin in the brain which triggers the release of the hormone, Melatonin that eliminates depression and anxiety.
Their combined effect leaves your body relaxed and able to fall asleep easily. In addition, this explains why many people who visit spas fall asleep during a massage.


How massage affects happiness

Undoubtedly, massage has a lot of benefits and it’s not only for pampering; massage is one of the best things people should do for their health. Remember serotonin? That’s how massage affects your happiness. When you are not depressed or anxious, you are definitely happy.

Also, massage creates a delicate connection, between your body, mind, and soul; this connection can keep you happy for almost a week. During massage sessions, time seems to stop and your mind opens up and let go of all its worries. Obviously, it feels the connection with your body and relaxes, which leaves you happy.


Home Massage

In spite of the stressful and unhappy life people lead, not everyone can afford the time and money to visit a spa and enjoy massage sessions. What if you can enjoy the benefit of a spa massage in the comfort of your home? These home massage services give you the same benefits you will enjoy in a spa.

There are different types of massage you can enjoy at home, from relaxing, deep tissue and pregnancy if you are expecting – however, each of them has their own benefits and methods. Home massage is truly relaxing, invigorating and eases the muscles. It gives you a chance to understand your body, calm your mind and stimulate your muscles in your own safe haven. It certainly leaves you energized, relieves stress, and best of all…it just creates this aura of happiness after.


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