Can Massage Help Stroke Patients? 2

Can Massage Help Stroke Patients?

Dealing and recovering from an unforeseen stroke is easier said than done; not only does this phase reduce the morale of both the patients and their families but, sometimes the physical ordeals that they are subjected to, are beyond the threshold of tolerance. In order to pacify these conditions, in this article, we will be discussing the distinct ways in which subscribing to massage therapy can accelerate the recovery process of stroke patients and furnish them with adequate relief.

Increase serotonin levels
The first and the most important way in which massage can help stroke patients is by increasing the serotonin levels as a result of the process. Massage and stroke recovery share a strapping bond that dates way back into the past. The serotonin hormones are solely responsible for triggering a positive mood, the lack of which results in escalated stress, depression, anxiety and lack of sleep which in turn, as its repercussions, enhances the physical vulnerability of the stroke patient. Also, once a patient slides into depression, the antidepressants prescribed by doctors to overcome it are capable of posing serious cardiovascular risks if their dosage isn’t checked. Thus, engaging in a session of deep tissue massage will relax the patient’s mind and body from its core and eliminate all the inevitable toxicity breeding inside it as an aftermath of a stroke.

Improved muscle function
Similar to the mechanism employed by sports massage that improves overall muscle functions, indulging in a massage session after encountering a stroke will bear similar fruits. After a stroke, the heart and its surrounding muscles tend to contract and lose their vitality which then hampers unalloyed blood flow through the arteries. Deep tissue massage when harmoniously coupled with self-massage tools can catalyze stroke recovery in ways more than one. By applying the optimum pressure and gentle strokes around the affected area, the inflammation can be curbed making way for enhanced blood circulation and pressure and muscle performance like massage and sports recovery.

Relieves pain
Every year, reports of so many patients claiming swift recovery from life-threatening accidents are submitted and one of the major contributors in this list are stroke survivors. Like pregnancy massage that is carried out with the utmost care and fragility, massages targetted towards stroke patients too, are meant to reduce and relieve cramps, headache, tissue tension, swelling and rekindle the healthy posture. Rather than depending on strong antibiotics and painkillers for immediate results, trusting a natural therapy is a wiser recourse. A fulfilling massage session will untie all the pressure knots of the body and let it breathe to recover itself with ample time and comfort.

Sharper memory
After battling a stroke, there are decent chances for the patient to develop slower reflexes and inefficiency of the motor organs; massages, therefore, are an effective way to overcome this crisis and form a sharper foundation for his memory.

If you are still looking for a brilliant Christmas present for a loved one who’s recovering from a stroke, be mindful and gift them a massage therapy that will certainly help them with a better life and health.

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