The Role Massage Plays in Building Healthier Relationships 10

The Role Massage Plays in Building Healthier Relationships

When you are in love, every moment becomes special and every act a good memory. You remember the first kiss, the first touch, and caress, and it makes the whole experience really beautiful.

As you grow in love, you begin to find new and creative ways to increase your connection. Couples massage is one creative way to get better at loving your partner.

Of course, you know that when I refer to Couples massage here, I do not refer to a spa massage. No! Not the one you receive on side-by-side massage tables at a spa. I am referring to the real deal. The massage you give your partner with your own hands.

Meanwhile, before you start breaking your head over your inability to give a massage, let me quickly say it’s easy.  You may worry that your partner may not have the skill too, but trust me, you will learn.

It is even great that both of you do not have the skill, because it provides an opportunity for you to learn together. Learning (together) is a creative strategy to boost your relationship and a tasty spice for you guys.

Before you decide whether or not you need this as the spice in your relationship, let’s look at the benefits. What does this massage add to the equation and how can it benefit you?

First, massage is therapeutic. It is known for:

  • Reducing stress
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Relieving pain
  • Stimulating blood circulation
  • Balancing muscles

On its own, it’s a great way to pamper your body. In a relationship, it offers all these and more. Whether you are giving a back rub or foot massage, every touch is memorable to your partner.

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How does it help?

  • Brings freshness and excitement to the relationship
  • Improves intimacy
  • Boosts affection for each other
  • Helps you stay connected with your partner
  • Helps you reconnect
  • Keeps you healthy


The process of massaging each other is a period of learning and discovery. Research has shown that learning something new together is very beneficial to relationships. Learning to touch each other in a soothing way introduces a kind of freshness and excitement to the relationship.


Interestingly, because massage involves touch, it is a great way to improve intimacy in your relationship. It is a creative way to keep intimacy alive too. You can deliberately create intimate moments with a massage on special days or even every day if you like. Thinking of foreplay ideas?  A massage is a good one.


Keeping affection and bonding intact in a relationship is one of the constant struggles. When couples give each other massage, it improves the feeling of affection that they share. The sight of each other’s body during the massage stimulates the production of dopamine and Oxycontin. These two hormones contribute to the feeling of love.

More so, giving each other massage makes your bond stronger. It makes your relationship more intense and special. It also brings you closer in love and care, thus improving your bond.


These days, everyone is so busy, including you and your partner. Our business disconnects us from the one we love. But despite the hustle, if you choose to have a massage with your partner, it creates the time to reconnect. It can serve as a constant reminder of the special thing you share.


Every single moment in life can become a special moment, only if we try.  A massage session with your partner helps you deliberately enjoy your time together while shutting out everything else. You can forget your worries, past and the unpredictable future, and just savor the moment. These special moments are the only memories you may need to turn a bad day around.

In addition, a massage also creates a lot of relaxing and rejuvenating time for couples. It provides a whole new experience of what joy and happiness in a relationship is.


Aside from the many benefits of massage in your relationship, it also has several health benefits. Since massage is pleasurable touch and for you, it is a pleasurable touch from a loved one, it is very healthy. It will boost your immune system, lower blood pressure and release pleasure hormones too.

Ultimately, a massage is a great way to keep your relationship alive or even rejuvenate it (if it is getting dull). It provides you an opportunity to explore and enjoy your partner. By touching them lovingly, you soothe their stressed body, build a strong bond and show them how special they are.

Couples massage , is an awesome way to give your partner a treat on special occasions. If you wrap it up well enough, it can become that really special gift your partner loves.

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