Should I get a massage when I have DOMS (delayed muscle onset soreness)? 10

Should I get a massage when I have DOMS (delayed muscle onset soreness)?

Should I get a massage when I have DOMS?
DOMS is short for delayed onset muscle soreness. It is basically the stiffness and pain in the muscles that is felt for several days due to strenuous exercise. Ideally, the soreness and pain are felt from 24 hours to 72 hours. It is caused due to small damage in the muscle fibers. The pain experienced from DOMS can be very sharp so there are many treatments that can be used to heal DOMS.

Massage Therapy For DOMS
The inflammation due to torn muscle fibers can cause a lot of pain for 1 to 4 days. There are many ways to treat DOMS and the best solution is remedial massage.

Remedial massage is an excellent and efficient treatment for DOMS as it can reduce the severity of pain in the muscles. Remedial massage does not only relax the muscles but also helps to remove the inflammation in them.
Research studies have shown that people who had taken regular remedial massages sessions tend to suffer less from DOMS.

Can DOMS Be Prevented?
DOMS is a natural occurrence after strenuous exercising or extensive workout. But you can reduce the effect of DOMS through various ways such as:
1. Drinking plenty of water every day.
2. Increasing the weights that you lift while exercising only by 10% and not more than that.
3. Increasing exercise or activity time gradually and not quickly.
4. Taking remedial massage sessions after and before your extensive workout routine.

How to Know If You Have DOMS?
If you feel muscle pain or stiffness and soreness in your muscles, you are in fact suffering from DOMS. The symptoms usually last for good 4 days but how to know if you have damaged yourself or not?
If the symptoms of DOMS such as stiffness, soreness, and muscle pain continue even after 4 days, it is better to consult another wellness therapist such as a physiotherapist so that you can address the issue properly.

Should I Get A Massage when I have DOMS?
There are a lot of benefits massage can help with DOMS.
–Quality Recovery from Post Workout Pain
DOMS is a natural occurrence and can be caused by doing a new exercise even if you have been working out for more than 20 years. but, remedial massages such as myofascial release therapy can reduce the soreness and muscle swelling by 30%.

–Improved Training Capacity and Volume
You can alleviate the symptoms of DOMS through sports massage completely. This would allow you to work out for longer periods without even feeling muscle soreness and pain.
Massage hammers out the stiffness in your muscles that could dramatically boost your stamina to work out for a longer period.
Moreover, it also helps you to exercise at full capacity. If you have a sports event coming up and you need to train hard for it at maximum capacity, the best way is to take regular remedial massage sessions.

–Removal of Waste Products and Toxins
Massages improve the blood flow to your muscles and allow more oxygen to pass through them. Your muscles need an increased amount of nutrients and oxygen to purge out harmful products and toxins from your body.
This could improve your activity performance, capacity, and volume along with general muscle health.

–Injury Prevention
Massages could also improve injuries. They pump more oxygen and blood to your muscles. This improves muscle activation. Hence, improving injuries. Moreover, massages also relax overused muscles. again, preventing injuries.

–Increased Circulation
Remedial massages accelerate blood circulation, cardiovascular circulation and improve performance and recovery time. This is beneficial if you are working extensively.

Different bodies will react differently to the massage.  While some people may experience nearly instant relief post-massage, others might feel tender in trigger-point areas that were worked repeatedly on the table. Whatever you’re feeling, as long as it’s not worsening or acute pain, you’re all good.

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