It comes with no surprise that a lot of working people experience stress and anxiety in their lives. A certain amount of stress is normal at home as well as the workplace but persistent stress episodes, irrational and excessive anxiety could lead the executives to anxiety disorder.

Stress and anxiety often impact an employee’s performance, relationship with work colleagues and peers, relationships with board officials and work quality.

It is important for employers to accept and recognize their employees’ anxiety and stress. As in America, 9% of the employees have already been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

With that going, it is also important for them to know that anxiety and stress are not the same. They might have a connection but they are entirely different.

Here are some major differences between stress and anxiety:
Stress Vs. Anxiety

Stress is basically a person’s natural response to a certain challenge. Our brain chemistry changes and that makes our palms sweaty and hearts to pump faster.

Here are some clear symptoms of stress:
Stress makes us nervous, frustrated, burnt out at work and angry.
It can also have a positive effect on a person as well. For example, it can pump an employee to complete a project one day before the due date.
It can be overwhelming for sure. Moreover, it can take a toll on your mind and body.
Stress can be good and bad too. While bad stress can change our behavior with co-workers, good stress can make us more productive and active.

Work Anxiety
Work anxiety refers to the work that eventually leads to anxiety. It can have devastating outcomes for the organization as well as the employee.

Symptoms of Work Anxiety
Although there are no specific symptoms for work anxiety, the general symptoms of anxiety are:
Irrational or excessive worrying about work.
Irregular sleeping patterns.
Feeling jittery.
Startling and sudden reactions.
Pounding heart.
Feeling as if there’s a lump in your throat.
Inability to concentrate on work.

Basically, anxiety is the reaction of stress. It’s the feeling when you do not have control on the situation anymore.

Employee anxiety can not only affect his life but his overall contribution to the organization as well. Anxiety could reduce the work performance, his friendliness with the co-workers, the confidence in his skills and goal setting.

Why Employers Need to Know About Anxiety and Stress at Work?
Employers must educate themselves on stress and anxiety that their employees could experience. Some employees try to hide their anxiety and as a result, it badly affects the organization. To keep everything running smoothly at the workplace, it is the duty of the employer to educate himself and others about work anxiety and stress.

How Corporate Wellness Programs Can Help Reduce Both, Stress and Anxiety?
Employers must introduce wellness programs in firms. This could help the employees to upraise their self-esteem, practice time management and etc. in short, wellness programs could alleviate stress and anxiety in employees.

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