What Is Hand Reflexology?
Hand reflexology is an ancient practice that involves putting pressure on your hands for targeting specific areas of the body. It is a traditional healing practice that can alleviate body pain and issues such as soreness, muscle spasms, etc. This practice has been proven to bring about instant relief from body tension and pain.

Many people relate it to acupuncture because both the pain-relieving technologies share the same principles. Both rely on beliefs that our bodies are channels of energies. But as time passes by, these channels can become clogged, resulting in pain and illness.

Hand reflexologists believe that by applying pressure on the hands, these energy channels present in the body clear out. Consequently, restoring and maintaining the balance of your body and mental well-being.

Benefits of Hand Reflexology
Even though it might seem like a simple hand massage, it can provide a lot of benefits. Some of the benefits are:
Boosting blood circulation in the body.

It also increases the flexibility and mobility of the body, easing the movement of joints.

Pain relief from chronic medical conditions such as arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Moreover, hand massage can also alleviate pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome.

Hand Reflexology for Anxiety
A study carried out in 2017 showed that it reduced anxiety in patients diagnosed with heart diseases. People who underwent hand reflexology treatment experienced less anxiety.

To release the anxiety using this practice, all you need to do is apply pressure to the HT7 or the heart point. It is on the outer hands, just below the wrist crease.

To identify the spot, you must also feel a dent while touching it. Massage this area for about 1-2 minutes using both hands.

Hand Reflexology for Constipation
A study showed that hand massage does not only relieve the physical causes of constipation but emotional causes as well.

A study that was carried out in 2009 reported that people who underwent hand reflexology for 6 weeks experienced fewer symptoms of constipation.

Moreover, it can also alleviate the symptoms of stress-related constipation. However, this study is not backed by science yet.

To cure constipation through hand reflexology, you need to find the LI4 or the large intestine. Its located just between your index finger and the thumb. Use fingertips to apply pressure to the webbed area for about 1 minute.

Many people also find this area good to relieve depression and stress too.

Hand Reflexology for Headaches
Headaches caused by anxiety and stress might be relieved by a hand massage. A review study carried out in 2015 suggested that hand massage has a positive impact on the headaches.

To treat headaches with hand reflexology, use the same point, LI4. Massage and pinch the webbed area for about 1 minute.

Apart from this, you can also try the P6 or the pericardium point. You would find this area just below the crease of your wrist, between two tendons. Gently massage the area for about 2 minutes using both hands.

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