To some people, massage is still a luxury item. They think that sparing time and investing money on hour-long massages should happen once in a blue moon. However, in this era, top business leaders and executives are looking up office or corporate massages as a necessity for the employees.

Massaging is as important to the human body as eating healthy and working out 3 times a week. As many surveys state the benefits of massage, business executives are altering their mindset and normalizing massage sessions at the workplace.

While most might call it a considering gesture for the employees, it actually helps them to stay on top of their game at the workplace.

That is why the HR department of every firm should invest in corporate massages.

10 Reasons Why HR Department Should Invest in Corporate Massages

Office Massage Increases Immunity
Our body has bad cells and good cells. According to a study, office massages help good cells of the body to perform 35% better.

Massage Helps to Reduce Stress Symptoms
Some of the employees are usually in an extremely stressful position. All they need is a solution to relieve or reduce stress symptoms. if your employees feel burn out at work, you could direct the HR department to invest in corporate massages once a week. This activity could help them to alleviate stress.

Massage Increase the Employees’ Productivity
For the past 2 decades, we have been seeing studies related to how massages can increase productivity and brainpower. That is why, only 11% of the firms provided corporate massages but now, the number of firms offering it has tripled.

Corporate Massage Helps to Spark Creative Ideas
The business world is a stressful place. Sometimes, the employees need time out to relax their mind and to come up with a better solution to the problem. In fact, massage lets the executive calm down and put off the blinders that have been keeping them from the best solutions.

Massages Help to Reduce Body Pain
A lot of employees must have back or neck pain, considering they sit on office chairs for hours. A therapeutic massage session is what an employee might need to relieve pain and be more productive at work.

Massages Can Help with The Employees’ Sleeping Patterns
If you have a big presentation or a packed day coming up for your workforce, you could give them office massages to restore their sleeping patterns. Massage helps to relieve stress so that executives could tackle the upcoming days easily.

Massages Decrease Anxiety and Depression
Regular corporate massages help to reduce depression by 28% and anxiety by 26%. So, if employees are anxious around you, its time for corporate massage time.

Office Massage Relieves Headaches
A lot of employees have headaches due to office politics, work pressure, and responsibilities. However, corporate massages reduce them by 48% in duration.

Office Massage Increases Mental Clarity
Massages do not only increase employees’ alertness but also help them to be more accurate and speed up work.

Office Massage Lowers Blood Pressure
Multiple studies show that corporate massages lower the blood pressure by 6% in hypertensive people.

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