Apart from ergonomic desks and retirement plans, employers should look after their employees for the sake of their well-being. Self-care has become a standard or must I say, priority in our lives. So, why not at workplaces?

Self-care at the workplace is an area that people have been ignoring for years but now, things are changing and millennial employers are leading the way to the change. In fact, millennial employers spend much more time on employees’ self-care, self-improvements, work therapy, plans and etc.

Firms have taken notice and are now promoting self-care in offices and workplaces. But how can an employer invest in self-care office habits to make his staff happy and satisfied with their jobs? Keep following to know what an employer should do.

Pay Attention to The Stressors of Your Employees
When it comes to stress, there is no one-size-fit-for-all policy. Every employee is different and has different work fear which might cause them to stress. You need to know if the employee’s anxiety is triggered due to meetings, deadlines or by working alone?

Are you, as an employer giving an environment where employees could work without taking stress? self-awareness is the first essential step to knowing what causes employees to work stress.

Teach Employees to Say No Once in A While
As a child, we are always taught that saying no is rude but this isn’t true in a working environment. As an employee, it is your responsibility to teach employees to frame their ‘no’ in the right context. Teach them that this might earn them respect but in the long-term, their productivity and work quality will suffer badly.

Set Boundaries Among Your Employees
You need to set some boundaries in your firm and let your employees know that it is for their benefit only. For instance, if you have introduced corporate massages for your employees, make sure no one interrupts them during that time.

If you have given a deadline for the project, help your employees by asking them to focus on the important part but be strict about the deadline. The key is to balance things so that your employees could know their and your boundaries.

Learn Ways to Energize Your Employees
There are people at work that drain all their energy just for the sake of your organization. Whereas, there are people that drain all the energy out of your employees. Keep them separate as much as possible.

Do not encourage your employees to talk about topics that they have extreme feelings about, for instance, their beliefs. Moreover, discourage pointless arguments as it only reduces the productivity and efficacy of the employees.

Ask Help of Your Employees If You Need It
An employer should not always be a hero. Asking for help when you really need it is a sign that you care about yourself as well as your employees. It is a good act to practice, especially if you are concerned about employees’ self-care.

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