Shiatsu Massage Online Class


Wouldn’t it be great to just be able to give your partner or friends or even your family a massage? But you don’t have a massage table, or if you do, you don’t feel like dragging it out and finding all of the massage oils.
Well, here is the massage course and pamper pack for you!
You will learn how to do Shiatsu massage and all you need in this course is some floor space, something soft to lie on such as some blankets or something similar, maybe a pillow or two and just wear some loose comfortable clothing. That is it!


What you will learn:

  • A comprehensive knowledge and skillset to do shiatsu massages.
  • A specific shiatsu massage sequence as well as many techniques that enable you to do any sequence that you like.
  • How to use your body correctly so that you will be able to do many massages without becoming injured and tired easily.

• This is a digital file.
• Due to being digital files, it’s impossible to have the product returned. Therefore, we’re unable to offer refunds.
• We do want our customers to be 100% happy, so if there’s something we can help with, we will always do our best.

Knowledge required

No prior knowledge required. This is perfect for beginners or for those who have tried massaging their partners or loved ones at home before.

What you’ll need

To do shiatsu massage, we do not use oils but as the massages are done on the floor, you will need something soft to lie on such as a quilt/doona or several towels and or blankets – or if you have one, a one to two-inch foam mattress/futon.

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