Japanese Face Massage Online Class


Need some ideas for self-care at home? Learn about the Tsuboki face massage, which is based on traditional Japanese face massage – once the preserve of empresses – with this online massage class.


What you will learn:

  • The background of this wonderful therapy and how it came to be.
  • The basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine so that you have some understanding about why this massage is so powerful and how it works on several levels.
  • When not to massage, or when to adapt the massage to your clients’ needs.
  • How to locate and work on over 40 acupressure points on the face, many of which have rejuvenating and health-giving properties.

You will be taken step by step through all of the techniques with clear, concise videos, which you can replay until you are confident. These are accompanied by PDF files with teaching points and reminders for each technique. Each part can be used by itself, but when you have the complete routine at your fingertips, you have a therapy that is relaxing yet energising, accessible and nurturing.
• This is a digital file.
• Due to being digital files, it’s impossible to have the product returned. Therefore, we’re unable to offer refunds.
• We do want our customers to be 100% happy, so if there’s something we can help with, we will always do our best.

Knowledge required

No prior knowledge required. This is perfect for beginners or for those who have tried massaging their partners or loved ones at home before.

What you’ll need
  • It’s best to have a clean, quiet space where you can move around and relax with your partner.
  • Set the mood and ambience by having some scented candles which we will provide, and your relaxing playlist to go with it.
  • Have your massage oil ready.
  • Prepare some nice warm towels to clean the face before and after the massage.
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