A Case for the Importance of "Me Time" 10

A Case for the Importance of “Me Time”

“Me Time”… A luxury or a necessity?

When was the last time you had your “me time”? If you’re taking too long to remember…then most probably it has been quite a while since you had one.
With the constant demand and busy schedule of life nowadays, it is really quite hard to squeeze in some “me time” even though we badly want and need it. Women, in particular, wear too many hats so to speak having a different set of priorities, either professional or matrimonial.

As a working woman or mom, it is easy to shrug off the importance of the “Me Time” concept, and sometimes we come to a point thinking that taking time out is a luxury more than a necessity. Sad fact, but it is already happening to most women because we often think we always have to take care of others first. We tend to forget that investing in our well-being enables us to do more and give more to everyone else around us.

No doubt, taking out time for yourself also improves your behavioral pattern both professionally and as a parent. This makes everyone around you happy too.
Setting aside time for yourself should not be that complicated.

Here are some tricks to make sure you get your “Me Time” you truly deserve.

What relaxes you: In fact, you can simply ask yourself “What relaxes your emotions and stress levels? You can engage in activities like reading, painting, music, cooking, playing with kids, or whatever soothes your mind would do wonders for the general mental and physical balance.

Make time for “Me Time”: No doubt, every working woman or a mom is busy in their own schedules. However, if you could keep in mind squeezing some time, which should be earmarked to take care of your requirements, it would greatly help everyone in the family. In other words, you should prioritize time to YOU too as an essential and indispensable item of your regular activity.
Weekends: Women who feel that they are not able to allocate the required time for “Me Time,” should keep the weekends to themselves. If you realize the significance of “Me Time” is as important as other primary items, you will assign the time at least on weekends.

Adhere to the Schedule: Many times, those who have included the Me Time activity may skip because of other activities getting extended. Do not allow to eat away the Me Time schedule at any cost. You can consider postponing any other activity, but not the Me Time.

Set Boundaries: It is good to devote some time to others. However, there is nothing wrong in setting certain limits to the demands of others.
“Me Time” includes any activity that relaxes your mental and physical fatigue. You can engage yourself in any creative activity and devote time in pursuing your habits for relieving yourself from the stress level.

How about the idea of getting a massage right in the comfort of your own home? No need to go out and worry about parking, you can stay in your PJ’s after and take a little nap right after.
It has been recognized that the massaging is a powerful method for ensuring your well-being by revitalizing your mental and physical capabilities.

Benefits of Massaging

During the process of massaging, the release of endorphins, which are primarily responsible for your health would be released keeping you relaxed and calm. The same time, the adrenalin and other hormones, which cause the stress are also reduced.

Improved blood circulation: Gentle pressure prevents accumulation of uric and lactic acid to build up in muscles.

The flexibility of muscles: The improved blood circulation aids in the repair of the damage of muscles.

Promote sleep: Tones up the “delta waves,” which induces a sound and relaxed sleeping pattern.

No depression: The professional massaging aids in reducing the stress levels. Since it relaxes the mental condition and relaxes the body muscles, your stress level is on the lower side.

Maintain ideal blood pressure: Regular massaging can ensure to maintain both systolic and diastolic levels of blood pressure. Some studies confirmed reduced levels of cortisol levels within the body.

Improve body immune system:  The lower levels of stress can improve the general immune system of the body, and the likelihood of illness.

Improve skin glow: Regular massaging would facilitate the improved skin tone and you will find the radiating skin.

If you can take care of your bodily health by having a regular massage and devoting “Me Time” activities, the crippling effects of stress can be minimized empowering you in many respects. Is it not better to lead a healthy life without any regrets?


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