Employee wellness programs have been there for decades. They were first started as big organizations’ employee perks and later on, they were called corporate or employee fitness programs.

Today, employee wellness programs are not only common in large enterprises but small and medium-sized corporations as well. Most of the companies put it on the employee benefit package to attract candidates.

When employee wellness programs are done right, they give the employees the power, tools, incentives, support, privacy, and confidence to maintain healthy behaviors at work.

Here are some benefits of employee wellness programs:
They improve employees’ health behaviors.
They alleviate health risks in employees.
Wellness programs reduce health care costs for companies.
Wellness programs increase employees’ productivity.
Employee wellness programs have the potential to decrease absenteeism.

What Should You Include in Your Employee Wellness Program?
As an employer and head of the wellness program, it is up to your will what to include and what not to include. However, for the benefit of your employees and organizations, you must include these 3 things:

Office Massages
A successful corporation tends to have healthy and happy employees. This is the reason why we see the trend of wellness programs in every other worksite.

Including corporate massages in an employee wellness program has proven to be very beneficial for the employees as well as the organizations themselves.

Its no secret for you that massage reduces stress, body pain, and anxiety. Moreover, it also clears out the energy channels in the body so that a person could think out of the box.

Office massage therapy does not only reduce significant stress in employees but also enhances their performance, productivity, alertness, and proficiency.

It serves as a good practice to increase employees’ enthusiasm and motivation. Moreover, an expert therapist might even spot out a problem with employee health before it starts to develop into a serious health disease.

Lunch and Learn Activities
Lunch and learn activity-program is the one in which employers encourage their employees to eat in a group and utilize the chit chat time to complete training, project details or seminars.

There are many proven benefits of this program such as:

Lunch and Learn Ideas
Although it’s up to the employer to add the lunch and learn activities that he things would prove beneficial for the employees and the organizations but here are some quick ideas:
Quick product training.
Employee-led seminars and workshops.
Upcoming changes.
Diversity conversations.
Developing leadership skills during lunch.

Self-Care Programs for Employees
Self-care is an activity done merely by us to take care of our mental and physical health. But you might be thinking, why do I need to add a self-care routine for my employees in corporate wellness program?
Mainly because it is very difficult to engage with employees who are unhealthy unproductive and disengaged.

Here are a few things that you can include as self-care for employees:
Create ‘stop doing’ goals.
Plan healthy company-sponsored meals.
Promote sleep.
Recognize employees and their achievements.

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