How To Treat Headaches Holistically 10

How To Treat Headaches Holistically

Experiencing headaches is extremely common if you work regularly, are tired or involve in some kind of physical activity. While there are many pain killers that can treat headache instantly, there are some people who strive to find natural ways to cure headaches. If you are really into natural ways to treat headaches, you should try pressure points or acupressure points to alleviate a headache.

Pressure points in the body when triggered relieve pain in the affected area. Chinese practitioners think that touching acupressure points can:
Restore the negative and the positive in the body, that is, balances the body.
Eases pain.
Improves your health.
Reduces anxiety and nervousness.

Reflexology is a medical term indicating that one human body part can be manipulated to treat another human body part. For instance, if you have a headache, you can manipulate an acupressure point present in your hand or arm to reduce the pain in your head.

Science Behind Pressure Points and Headaches
There are very fewer research studies supporting the concept of reflexology but no matter how small they are, they prove that manipulating the pressure points present on your shoulders or arms can actually relieve headaches.
One research study indicated that reflexology reduced the number of headaches in adults in just first treatment. This way, the adults under observation had 7 fewer headaches in one week. Moreover, the average number of headaches also fell during the reflexology treatment.
A large-scale research study has indicated that 10 intense massage sessions led to a reduced number of headaches in adults.

Pressure Points to Reduce Headache And Ear Ache
Here are the best pressure points in your body to reduce ear and headache holistically:

Union Valley
This acupressure point is located just between your index finger and thumb. To treat headache by this point:
Pinch the area of this hand with the other hand’s index finger and thumbs. Do not do it painfully and not more than 10 seconds.
After that, move your thumb in this area in a circular motion, clockwise for 10 seconds and repeat the same step but in opposite direction, that is counterclockwise.
Repeat the same procedure on the other hand as well.
This acupressure point relieves tension and pain in the neck and head.

Drilling Bamboo
Drilling bamboo is the best acupressure point that is located just between the top nose bridge and the ridge of your eyebrows. To treat earaches and headaches:
Use your index fingers on both the indentations of the particular area.
Hold the pressure firmly for about 10 seconds.
It relieves headaches and earaches caused by neck pain and sinus.

Gates of Consciousness
The gates of consciousness are present at the very back of your skull, just where the vertical neck muscles are located. For earaches and headaches:
Place your middle finger as well as the index finger of both hands on either side of the pressure points.
Press the area firmly downward and upward for 10 seconds.
Repeat the process for effective results.
This acupressure point releases head tension caused by a stiff neck.

Third Eye
The third eye can be found just between your eyebrows. To relieve headache:
Apply firm pressure to this point and hold the pressure for about 10 seconds.
Repeat the procedure.

Shoulder Well
The shoulder well pressure points are located just at top of your shoulders. To use this pressure point, follow the below-mentioned procedure:
Use the thumb of one hand on either side of these pressure points and apply circular pressure for about one whole minute.
Do the same for the second acupressure point.


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