What Is Insomnia?
Insomnia is a sleep disorder that either makes it difficult for a person to fall asleep or has a huge impact on his sleeping patterns. While some might experience it for days, some might experience it for months.

But regardless of disturbed sleeping patterns, acupressure might provide some relief. Acupressure is the practice of involving physical touch to manipulate the pressure points that correspond to physical as well as mental health.

Even though acupressure should be done by a therapist, you can stimulate and manipulate the pressure points on your own.

Here are 5 pressure points you must try for insomnia:

Spirit Gate
This pressure point is located on the outer wrist, just at the crease, below the last or the pinkie finger.
To treat insomnia by spirit gate:
Feel the dent or the hollow gap in this area. After that, apply pressure gently and in circular motions in a downward and upward motion.
Continue doing it for about 2 to 3 minutes.
Hold the pressure point’s left side for a few seconds gently and then repeat it with the right side as well.
Repeat the same procedure with the other hand as well.
Stimulating this area helps you to relax your mind. Hence, helping you fall asleep faster.

Three Yin Intersection
This pressure point is located above the ankle, on the inner leg.
To treat insomnia:
Navigate your other hand to the highest ankle point.
After that, move 4 widths up the leg.
Apply deep pressure to the tibia, biggest lower leg bone and massage for 10 seconds in a circular motion.

Bubbling Spring
Bubbling point is located just at the center of your foot’s sole. It is the small foot depression that you see when you curl your toes inward.
To treat insomnia with this point:
Lie with bended knees so that you can reach your hands to the feet.
Reach out your hand to one foot and curl your toes.
Apply deep pressure to that point for few minutes in circular motions, upward and downward.

Inner Frontier Gate
This acupressure point is just between two tendons, on your inner forearm.
To treat insomnia by this point:
Turn your hands to see your forearms.
Move 3 widths towards your elbow from your wrist crease.
Massage this area for a few seconds by in a circular up and down motion.

Wind Pool
Wind pool is located just at the back of your neck, where you can feel your mastoid bone. It is just behind the ears and situated where your neck muscles are attached to the end of your skull.
To treat insomnia:
Form a cup shape by clasping your hands and slowly detaching the palms of both hands. Keep the fingers interlocked.
After that, reach this pressure point and apply deep pressure to your skull for about 5 seconds.
Breathe in and out deeply while massaging the area.

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