Acupressure Massage For Pain Relief Online Course

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Use the powerful acupressure massage system for pain relief. The easy step by step method that gives great results!

5 hours | 89 lectures | All Levels |  4.5 (1,700 ratings) | 10,146 students enrolled

Course Description

In this acupressure massage course, you will learn a methodical, systematic approach to treat each condition just like I do in my massage clinic-not simply learn a few acupressure massage  points and basically just hope for the best which the majority of acupressure massage courses and books tend to teach

In this acupressure massage course, we deal with lower back pain and sciatica, neck pain, upper back, shoulder and knee pain. Each painful condition is structured so that you know exactly how to treat your client/friends/family or yourself by using specific acupressure massage techniques.

  • You will know how to apply acupressure massage techniques effectively for pain relief
  • You will know how to find the relevant acupressure massage points on the body to stimulate them using specific acupressure massage techniques
  • You will have an excellent knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in acupressure massage and why
  • You will be able to help people(or yourself) with back pain, sciatica, neck pain, upper back pain, lower back, knee and shoulder pain by using specific acupressure massage combinations
  • You will be able to differentially diagnose certain pains and where they are coming from and also know how to treat them with acupressure massage techniques
  • You will be able to give remedial exercises to do at home for your massage clients to help alleviate their problems
  • You will have a fundamental understanding of how to self treat your own pains with acupressure massage today!

Course Content

How does acupressure work to relieve pain?
The treatment area (lower the table)
Acupressure the right and wrong ways to perform it
How do we apply pressure? The Goldilocks zone.
How to get the pressure correct
How often should you treat someone
2 Very Powerful Pain Relieving Points You Can Use On Each Condition
Section 1: A Fun Look At Our Anatomy and Physiology
The Integumentary System
The Skeletal System
The Muscular System
The Cardiovascular System
The Digestive System
The Nervous System
The Respiratory System
Section 2: Treating Someone’s Lower Back Pain
Helping Lower Back Pain
Lower Back Pain Questionnaire
The causes of lower back pain
Treating Lower Back Pain and Sciatica
Bonus Section! Deep Tissue Massage Techniques for the whole back and neck!
The best exercises for lower back pain and sciatica
A great self-treatment to help lower back pain!
Foam Rolling for the whole back and hips
Section 3: Treating Someone’s Neck Pain
Helping Neck Pain
Treating Neck pain with acupressure
Neck Pain Questionnaire
Bonus Section! Deep Tissue Massage Techniques For The Neck
What the client should do between treatments
The neck exercises that need to be done between sessions
A word about referred pain
Treating neck pain
Section 4: Hip Pain
What are the causes of hip pain?
Acupressure for hip pain
Exercises and home treatment
Section 5: Treating Someone’s Tennis Elbow Pain
What are the causes of tennis elbow?
The remedial exercises to help them recover fully
Section 6:Treating Someone’s Carpal Tunnel Pain
What is carpal tunnel syndrome?
How to do acupressure for carpal tunnel syndrome.
The exercises and stretches for carpal tunnel syndrome
Section 7: Treating Someone’s Shoulder Pain
Helping someone’s Shoulder Pain
Shoulder Pain Questionnaire
Where is the pain coming from? Your shoulder or your neck?
The causes of shoulder pain
Treating shoulder pain with acupressure’s most powerful points.
Stretches for the shoulder. No.1
Stretches for the shoulder. No.2
Treating Shoulder pain
Section 8: Treating Someone’s Knee Pain
Helping Knee Pain
Knee Pain Questionnaire
The causes of knee pain
Treating knee pain with Acupressure’s most powerful points.
Knee Exercises
Treating knee pain
Section 9:Treating Someone’s Upper Back Pain
Helping Upper Back Pain
Upper Back Pain Questionnaire
Treating upper back pain with acupressure’s most powerful points
Thoracic extensions- a great technique for upper back pain and stiffness!
Section 10: Treating Someone’s Ankle and Foot Pain
Ankle Sprains/Foot Pain/Injuries
Section 11: Other Important Factors
Foods that create inflammation and foods that decrease inflammation
NEW! How to make your own tiger balm and pain-relieving salves
New-How to make your own remedies for muscular pains
Section 12: Free Bonus Lectures
A Little Bonus! Chair Massage(Body Mechanics)
A Little Bonus! Chair Massage(Techniques)
Section 13: Questions From Students
Here I give you tips and also answer many questions from my students
Let’s all stop saying this after a massage
The Palpation Challenge! Can you beat me?
Tips for getting the correct pressure
A great way to help your clients between treatments
Balms, Salves, and Liniments-How do they actually work?
Essential oil shelf life and storage. This is important
Does massage help DOMS? ( Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
What do I do to help my body physically?
What you know about muscle cramps is wrong


Course Requirement

  • If you are going to perform an acupressure massage on clients you will need either a massage table or a futon
  • If you are going to do acupressure massage techniques for your partner or friends you can use a bed, a futon, a place on the floor with a few blankets or something to make it softer or if you have one, a massage table

Who Is This Course For

Anyone can take this course. Acupressure massage is fun, safe and extremely effective in helping people’s pain or your own