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Do you love getting massages in Thailand when you visit? Why not learn it yourself so you don’t have to pay for it next time?

Course Description

This 4-hour hands-on easy-to-follow massage workshop will cover a combination of Thai and Shiatsu style of massage techniques. This dry massage therapy does not use any oils or lotion.  You will learn how to use different body parts such as palm, thumb, fingers, forearm, elbow or even feet to perform deep compressing, rhythmic pressing, and stretching actions. The pressure, tension, and motion or vibration movements used during massage will help improve regional blood circulation.

We will show you how to use your hands, forearms, fingers, thumbs and elbow the right way, together with your body weight to create deeper pressure and work on specific restricted or sore spots around the body. We will then combine it all together to create a simple yet complete series of dry massage techniques.

You will perform the massage as well as receive it after so you can go through the process of learning what works, what feels good, and whats a good combination to put together.

Course Requirement

No prior knowledge is needed to register for this course. Anybody can join from beginners to pros who want to expound on their massage techniques are all welcome.

Course Content

• 60 min massage routine

• Learn back, shoulder, neck, head, arm, and feet massage techniques incorporating both shiatsu and Thai style of dry massaging

• Learn how to massage each body part without oil, but still feel relaxed at the end of the massage

• Learn how to use these techniques to break down knots, stiff muscles, scar tissue and free up tension effectively

• Contraindications, workplace health and safety, body spots to avoid massaging

What’s Included

1. All materials/equipment needed for the massage will be provided 2. nibbles and refreshments 3. certificate of completion 4. goodie bag starter kit

Learning Outcome

The goal is for you to be able to confidently perform dry massage techniques, learn the pressure points to work on, and top it off with a bit of stretching techniques in the end.


4 hours


DATE: Every 2nd Sunday of the month

TIME: 1-5pm

LOCATION: Burwood NSW 2134

Class Size



$180 / couple

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Come in and we shall provide the best treatment that you deserve. Our massage is specially designed to help you achieve the perfect mind-body harmony.

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Mon-Fri: 8AM– 10 PM
Saturday: 10 AM – 10 PM
Sunday: 10 AM – 10 PM

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Burwood NSW 2134
Email: info@mandaramassage.com
Mobile: 0431.388.934

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